Life can be too mundane without salt in our food, right? From kitchen cabinet to dining table, we all have stacked up salt shakers for they can be needed anywhere and on anything. However, have you ever thought about using salt for purposes outside the kitchen?

Everyone knows the super amazing benefit of salt in blessing us with those amazing beachy waves without the hassle of actually going or even finding a beach, for that matter. Nonetheless, there are some super cool gains that salt comes with.

For instance, one can use salt in their shampooing regime and trust me, it would completely change your life. There are various issues that can be bid adieu with the help of salt.

Check out the benefits of adding salt in shampooing regime, once tried and could never be able to go back.

1. Say goodbye to Dandruff

Source: Stylecraze
Source: Stylecraze

As much harder to believe it sounds, salt can actually help you in forging the issue of dandruff. As it is nothing but small flakes of dead skin which are a result of lack of blood circulation as well as dry scalp skin. Dandruff can just break your complete confidence if found on a staggering black dress or shirt.

However, sea salt can help you in solving this issue in no time. Divide your hair into several sections and sprinkle some sea salt on it. After this, rub the salt into the scalp with wet fingers, this increases the blood circulation in the scalp. This also helps in preventing the fungal growth on the scalp.

2. Promote hair growth

Source:Read and Digest
Source:Read and Digest

Sea salt is considered as an amazing ingredient in order to promote hair growth, which has also been advised by many dermatologists. Sea salt treatments are a rage in the west because of the magnificent ways they work. However, why to shed thousands of bucks for a treatment that can be mastered at home only?

Simply wash your hair as you do and then take a tablespoon of sea salt and start massaging it into your scalp for some good 10 minutes. After this, wash your hair once again. You can try the method twice a week and would be able to see results in no time.

3. Get rid of oily scalp


If you have the issue of an oily scalp, that is, you literally start having an oily scalp the minute you step outside the shower, then welcome to the club. Oily scalps are a huge problem which pushes one to wash hair more than the desired times in a week. This can be solved by sea salt. Just add two tablespoons of sea salt to your regular shampoo and mix it completely. Now, wash your hair with this shampoo and you would be able to notice the result from the first wash.

All these are tried and tested methods that have worked wonderfully for many women out there. Who knew, sea salt can literally be a life saviour?

23rd March 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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