Our teenage heart knows no limitless. It wants to wander in every dark cage, explore every danger adventure. We tend to be tempted to try everything whether it falls under the circle of good or bad. It doesn’t matter how it will affect our lives in a long run, the momentary pleasures take over our senses. Our younger-self had no idea know how to separate a toxic habit from a healthy one, all things that provide us a false sense of liberation (because let’s admit almost all of us are a rebellion inside and turning against the world feels more thrilling than following the pre-decided path), seem too good to hold on.

Although we don’t plan to stay that way for long, we end up following the same habits till very late. No matter how many times you have said to yourself “I have got it under control”, the truth is that you are fooling yourself. Now that you have touched your mid-twenties, it’s high time that you let go of these bad habits that are only making your life a mess.

1. Keeping Yourself Busy To Avoid Real Emotions.

source: GIPHY
source: GIPHY

So your younger self never wanted to deal with emotions, feelings, and drama but by this time you must have realized that there is no point running away from it. You need to start addressing them.

2. Falling Off To Sleep Staring At Your Cell Phone.

Facebook To Reveal People's Sleeping Habits Soon
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College is over, and admit that none of your friends are up for a 3 am group chat now. Do yourself a favor, rather than staring at the phone, go watch something or do something productive.

3. Drinking Alcohol Like The Flash!

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source: Giphy

You know that metabolism has already screwed with all that excessive drinking. You have done it for years. It’s time you drink sophistically. Don’t drink till you pass out.

4. Quit Smoking!

High cigarette cost lowers smoking among educated women

Now is the time. You already know that you have made it a New Year Resolution for at least 3 years and every time you broke it within a week. Don’t wait for another new year. Quit now.

5. Juggling Between Relationships.

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Okay, so you have had your fair share of fun. You wanted to explore and you keep jumping from one relationship to another but how about slowing down now? After all, you need someone to hold on to, don’t you?

6. Stop Avoiding Your Friends And Blaming It On Work.

image source: media.tumblr.com
image source: media.tumblr.com

We all are working hard to make our careers and you have already become a pro at handling that. Those friends are important and you need to give them the time and attention they deserve. Unless you want to end up alone on every weekend for the rest of your life, you should start meeting them.

7. Never Asking For Help.

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Get over your ego and stubbornness. You seriously have grown up and it’s time you leave ego way behind. Ask for help when you need it, being afraid has done no good to your in past years, so how about changing it now?

8. Stop Pretending To Be Someone.

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You don’t need to change yourself to fit in. The world will adjust accordingly. Your younger self may have had no idea what to do other than pretending to be someone else but you do. Just be the beautiful person you are.

9. Stop Being Afraid Of Speaking Your Mind.

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Whether it’s around work or family do not be afraid to speak up. For years you have kept your mouth shut but it’s high time that you start standing up for yourself. Don’t take shit from anyone.

Remember, it’s not too late to change all these habits. All you need to is act now and take charge of your life. Either you can turn your life towards positive tides of you can shove it into the storm of bad habits.
8 December 2017
Avni S. Singh
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