7 Thoughts That Definitely Cross Your Mind In The Office On A No-Work-Mode Day!

There are times when you realize that it’s almost 5 in the evening and you have done nothing even when you were here in your office at 9 am. Yes, that happens and that’s what called No-Work-Mode, no matter how much you love your job and profession, there are days when it sucks to be in the office because your brain refuses to be under your control and tells you that do whatever you want to do but “I am not gonna turn that work mode on”.

Now, this is one tricky situation because you are already in the office and have spent more than half day just sitting there. You can’t go home and you can’t work because this stupid brain has turned into an irritating stubborn child who is willing to think about all the nonsense in the world but Work. This day is worst than hangover-Mondays and it sucks big time!
The thought that someone might notice and take the advantage of your situation by reporting your carelessness to your senior or worst, to your boss, scares the hell out of you but as I said, there is no getting out of this situation. But have you realized that when you absolutely don’t want to work your brain wanders in a mysterious way and makes you think all sort of weird stuff?

Well here are 7 things that have definitely crossed your mind when you were at work but didn’t want to work.

1. What The Hell Is Happening In My Life?

Office On A No-Work-Mode Day!
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I have no idea why but our brains start putting all these questions about life as soon as it gets a little me time. What am I doing? Where is my life going? Am I doing the right thing? And a whole bunch of such questions.

2. Should I Just Watch My Favourite TV Series Secretly?

Office On A No-Work-Mode Day!
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Of course, the wicked mind something on it so it wants you to binge but you keep getting second thoughts because what if someone saw?

3. I Should Just Listen To Some Good Music Because That Might Change My Mood!

Office On A No-Work-Mode Day!
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There are many times when we think that listening to good music will change your mood but eventually, you end up listening more songs and do nothing.

4. I Definitely Need A Break From This Monotonous Lifestyle.

Office On A No-Work-Mode Day!
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Your brain says that you need to take a trip far far away but your pocket tells you that this ain’t gonna happen and all the plans stay in your mind only because it changes next day.

5. I Can’t Decide If I Am Hungry Or Just Bored.

Office On A No-Work-Mode Day!
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When you sit silently doing completely nothing then too your mind doesn’t stop playing with you because it fools you to think that either you are bored to death or need something to munch onto.

6. Is The Duration Of Every Minute Has Been Extended To An Hour?

Office On A No-Work-Mode Day!
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You look at the watch and it tells you 6:00 pm then you lose the track of the time and think about zillions of things and as soon as you regain consciousness you look at the clock again and it says 6:05 pm. Time passes like a slow worm as if this day is never gonna end.

7. I Keep Calculating How Many Office Hours Left!

Office On A No-Work-Mode Day!
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No matter how much you hate it but you can’t really walk out of office, so you wait desperately for the office hours to end so that you can run like the Bolt. You keep telling yourself that you have only 2 hours left.

These are some of the most common thoughts that a person thinks when he/she has a no-work-mode day in his/her office. If you have another thought that we can add to the list do let us know in the comment box below.

6 July 2017
Avni S. Singh

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