Nishant Tanwar’s Explanation Of Indian Corporate Offices Is Worth Sharing With Every Colleague!

Whether you work in the corporate sector or not, the stories about the employees of this sector are always out there doing the rounds. Well, we all have at least one friend who works in this particular sector and never stops cribbing about the people from other departments. Agree or not but all of these employees from the different department of the Corporate sector have many things/gossips to share, over which we can have a good laugh and that’s exactly what Nishant Tanwar did. 

Comedian Nishant Tanwar picked every department including sales, marketing, finance, IT and HR and nailed it while explaining the nature of their job. Nishant Tanwar’s hilarious reasoning about how sales employees have their swag for selling out a product and his laments about IT guys who have no idea how to fix an IT problem will make you laugh your heart out.

Every Corporate Office Ever: Watch The Full Video Here:

(Video Source: Nishant Tanwar)

There was a special pun for marketing guys and their honesty which is right to the point and let’s admit that it was the best part of the video. Although, Nishant had it all covered but his comparison of Finance department to the people of Gujrat and Rajasthan that would definitely have made you laugh yourself sick.

While people from corporate sector keep bragging how miserable their life is, Nishant Tanwar’s stand-up act is a breath of fresh air, as now they and we both know that it’s more hilarious and less pathetic.

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