6 Super Cool Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve At Home

The clock is ticking and 2015 is going to end. The New Year is here and to welcome 2016 everyone is making a plan or many. But for some it can be quite a task coz spending a fortune on the New Year’s celebration is not their cup of tea. We completely understand if you don’t want to spend big bucks on clubbing, partying or an exotic vacation.

But guess what? We have some super cool ways in which you can save your cash and still throw a kickass party. So lighten up and stop being sad. You may be running out of ideas but we won’t let you spend this New Year’s Eve alone. So lend us your eyes now, we are going to set a rocking party for you.

1. Call Your Friends / Family Or Colleagues.

Yeah! we know it is the most basic idea but just think about it, some of your family members, colleagues or your friends who are in same situation as you, can come over and you all can celebrate it together.

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Just remember avoid social and awkward conversations as they can be a real spoiler. So pick up your phone and call them.

2. Have Food & Drinks

Make arrangements for food and drinks after you invited them. Keep everyone’s choice in your mind and decide the menu smartly.

Have Food & Drinks

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You can have a three course meal or a five course meal according to your pocket size and don’t forget to stock up as much as drinks you can. No one can stop you from having fun as hell.

3. Play games.

Whether it is a family gathering or friends you can always include games. You can play cards, carom, one minute twist etc. This may sound like a childlike idea but it is going to be one hell of a fun element in your New Year Party. So start making a list of games. Hurry!!

indoor games
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4. Watch Movies.

If you are tired of making jokes and playing games, you want to enjoy but don’t want to waste so much of your energy then grab some snacks and play a movie.

watch movies
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Movies can really be your time pass partner but if you are a movie fanatic then they can be extremely entertaining. Pick a good one though!

5. Music

Which party is a party without music? It is the essential part to set everyone’s mood in party mode. Make a playlist of some cool songs and play them in your party. You will be the best host ever for sure!!

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6. Plan A Date. Ek Main Aur Ek Tu.

We know we suggested you a lot of things but what if you want to spend your New Year’s Eve quietly. Well, if you enjoy calm and silent time, it is not a bad thing at all. You can always call your one special friend or your love to spend some quality time with you. You can talk eat and hug each other when the clock strikes midnight. That is one special way to celebrate it.

plan a date
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In the end, do whatever you want to do but welcome 2016 with a smile.

31 Dec 2015
Avni S. Singh



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