Adult life has its own ups and downs that one can only know about and decode once they themselves step into adulthood. Time is the most precious thing, that no one has, and money is important to basically survive, another thing that continues to be in scarcity.

Along with these few things, there are many other feelings, emotions, and things that were not considered dear to one, before they actually started living the adult life. Something that we completely despised in our teenage years, is now crucial for our sanity and no matter how hard we try, we often succumb to our fears and anxieties.

But today, we’re not talking about them. Today, we’re talking about all the good things that can happen to one as an adult, that is, the simple joys of life. There are various things that very simple and common in nature but the joy that they provide to an adult is something one can’t even put into words. Here are 6 of those things.

1. Salary

That monthly message one receives about salary being credited to their account is something that can turn any miserable day into a good one, because exactly who doesn’t like money that is absolutely needed to survive in this life. For the next few days, one almost feels like they can do anything and be anything and get anything they wanted until the money runs out and they’re left with nothing.

2. Afternoon Naps

Afternoon naps were one thing we all hated in our school days, and our parents literally had to struggle with us in order to make us get that afternoon sleep. But as we grow older into adults, we have understood the importance of these naps and why adults actually love them.

3. Staying In Bed

Admit it, everyday after waking up in the morning you contemplate to go to work and spend some really crucial minutes in your bed. The story is same for everyone, except for weekends when you have the option to just stay in bed for an entire day without really missing out on your work, just on your social life.

4. Getting Done With Taxes

Adulthood brings in with itself a ton of taxes that need to be cleared on time, or else there could be a lot of losses. Now, no one makes one learn about these taxes or how to get done with them, which makes the problem even bigger. And also because of that, getting done with them before the deadline is a relief that just can’t be put in words.

5. Buying New Furniture

As a kid, one never really thought of spending an excruciating amount of money on things like new furniture, when the old is still getting the job done. But as you grow up, you realize monotony can seriously kill your soul and the only way to stop this massacre is by changing your surrounding, even if it means changing your wardrobe.

6. Being Alone

As an adult, you’re constantly surrounded with things and people you don’t like that much, and doing the things you don’t like doing, but you still be around those people and do those things all to make way for a smooth life. And, in time and days like these, the relief and joy that being alone brings, is incomparable.

These six things are indeed simple joys that only an adult can experience and feel completely blessed with.

Jyotsna Amla

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