On a day-to-day basis we meet tons of people, however, we would not like to have some deep and meaningful conversations with all of them or even be around them for a long time. Hardly some, if we’re truly being honest.

However, eventually, on paths like these, we find some of the most cherished people of our lives, like our friends, coworkers, neighbors and even love. Afterall every relationship that we make often starts with being strangers to one another in the starting. Over the course of this stranger time, we get to know these people. While knowing some can hardly take a week or so, there are some whom you can’t even decode in a full-fledged lifetime. There’s so much to know and explore, about these people, plus, the fact that they don’t easily succumb with their life stories to others, is another hardship we all have to face.

During this time, we all are trying our hardest and smartest to ask certain questions that can tell us a lot about the other person, and if you’ve also been doing it, then we do have some questions for you to ask. These questions are more like a smart peek inside the true personality of a person and what they think about themselves and the world around them.

1. What has been your biggest accomplishment?

The accomplishments that one chooses to tell to the world are often the things that they adore the most in their lives. This question will give you a critical insight into the person’s past. Plus, the time that one takes in answering this question also says a lot about how much accomplishments they have.

2. How would you describe yourself?

source: Lacasamorett
source: Lacasamorett

While this question might not have anything special in particular, its ambiguous nature reveals a lot about a person’s personality. At the end of the day, no one knows us better than ourselves, however, there are tons of different ways in which one can describe themselves. So, whatever one answers will generally show their priorities in life.

3. What is your dream job?

This is another ambiguous question which also reveals a lot about a person. The answer to this question will reveal if a person is a creative soul or more like a practical one. Plus, whatever their answer is, it also reveals whether they actually think about it a lot or not.

4. Which is your favourite book?

source: Oliver Sacks
source: Oliver Sacks

This question can help you in easily identifying the reader among the non-readers out there, and what actually matches your preferences.

And, if one is a reader then the kind of books that they read will give you another revelation about the kind of approach they have towards life.

5. Who is your personal hero?

The answer that one gives to this question can easily reveal what’s near to their heart and how do they value people around them. While some might describe their personal hero to be one of their family members, others will describe an athlete, leader or a pop culture celebrity, and all of this reveals a lot about them.

Once you’ve known a person for enough time, ask them these questions and get to know their true personality and what they actually value in themselves and in people around them.

Jyotsna Amla

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