Another day, and another piece of disenchanting news that just gives us an idea of how big a crisis this Coronavirus really is. At a time where much of Europe was battling away to safer shores, having perceptibly seen the worst run in the 2020’s great spirit-dampener; the Covid-19 situation; it turns out that the worst isn’t really over. And that it is continuing to this very day.

Wondering how? A few hours back in time, one of the famous private cruise ships, one from Norway known as MS Roald Amundsen unfurled several cases of COVID 19 virus whilst having one too many on board.

So what is the actual thing; what is the magnitude of damage at this point, one might ask? To that end, it’s important to know- at present, no fewer than 41 passengers on board, which news suggests also includes the Norwegian cruise ship’s captain have developed the COVID-19 scare.

This rather radical and troubling development means that hundreds on board are currently in quarantine, so as to bid adieu to the risk that they all run having travelled with other passengers who are currently awaiting the test results for the dangerous Coronavirus!

So let there be no confusion, here is the fact of the matter. Among the hundreds who had been on board the famous Norwegian cruise ship, so far, 41 have tested positive, while the others still await their test results. What might become of them, one ought to ask?

Coronavirus cases on MS Roald Amundsen Norway
Image Source – Hurtigruten

A developing story, covered by the revered BBC happened to share some excerpts, “This is a serious situation for everyone involved. We have not been good enough and we have made mistakes,” Chief Executive Daniel Skjeldamsaid in a statement on Monday.

“A preliminary evaluation shows a breakdown in several of our internal procedures,” he went on to add. “The only responsible choice is to suspend all expedition sailings.”

Meanwhile, one wonders, how might have the Norwegian government responded to this desperate development?

In that regard, it’s also important to note that all cruise ships originating from the country have been suspended with immediate effect. But this announcement works in a certain way; it isn’t applicable to all cruise ships.

So how does this work?

Apparently, it’s in the public domain that all cruise ships that have over 100 passengers on board will be stopped from disembarking passengers for at least, no fewer than, 14 days.

This is in accordance to the norm that is being followed worldwide in the present days to combat the COVID-19 threat.

But what’s also important in the case of this troubled Norwegian cruise ship is that the police, as of now, is investigating, whether in conducting the travel schedule any laws were broken or were there some elements of risk that might have caused a situation that on current scale, could possibly multiply?

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Having said that, let’s remember that whether we travel by air, land, or by sea, what’s absolutely important is to prioritize individual hygiene and take care of one’s immunity. Anything else doesn’t matter really and is not all that important. One hopes the instances like the Norwegian cruise ship are really a one-time occurrence.

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