Not one but two Indian High Commission officials have gone missing in Pakistan. What really happened to them; are they alive and somewhere in hiding, and also why did that happen- we don’t know. Everything else is conjecture. Everything else is right now just heresay.

Indian High Commission officials
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What we do know is that what might just be a piece of news in Pakistan but a massive piece of news, nonetheless in India, can have serious ramifications in the relations between two countries that are anything but normal.

In fact, there are days where it even appears that are sour relations the new-normal between India and Pakistan? But before we get into that, the very news that two Indian officials went missing in Pakistan has ignited a new debate into the spectre of the relative safety of Indians in Pakistan. And if not taken seriously, then one begrudgingly submits- it is about time that someone did something about this whole upsetting affair.

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Apparently, the two Indian High Commission officials have gone missing from the Pakistani capital city of Islamabad. And reportedly, the two have gone missing since Monday morning. The least you can say is that this isn’t the kind of start you wanted for your Monday morning. Who knows what lies ahead?

At this point in time, one can only say that may their families get a lot of strength to deal with these tough times. In fact, what strikes the mind as really surprising is the very nature of the events in which such a thing happened.

It is believed that the two Indian officials went missing when they were actually out for official duties. The two Indian High Commission officials were to obviously report back to their office and had only stepped outside their office for professional responsibilities.

And that was that; beyond that point, nobody knows of them or has seen them or knows their current whereabouts. In fact, are they even safe and sound. Are they doing well, and alive?

What seem like questions in some thrilling page-turner are, in fact, very normal and natural questions that one has at this point in time.

Now while that is the story on that part of the world, it is clear that there is something much bigger in context when one looks at the current situation stepping back from the unwanted episode that took place just a short while back in Pakistan.

We know that there are tensions between the two neighbors. We can’t say the relations are hostile on a daily basis but in common everyday lingo, the relations are anything but cordial, in fact. India has rightly called out Pakistan for inciting violent reactions in the past for displaying a kind of behavior along the border that can be simply avoided.

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And it’s not that hard to find Pakistan always been a kind of oppressor and the agitated one on its side. But having said that, what one mustn’t forget is that recently, something strange transpired for Pakistan in India where two Pakistani officials were expelled from duty having been suspected of espionage and other illegal activities.

From that point on, India was expecting something in retaliation. There were fears of hearing about some kind of retaliatory action. So could it be that what happened to the two missing Indian High Commission officials is a result of that action?

Well, right now we don’t know. Watch this space for more.

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