It seems, three things are never going to change about the way India-Pakistan relations are at the moment; a way that points to a diplomatic standoff of sorts, where there seems to be a complete dreadful silence between two “constantly-loggerheads” neighbours. 

First, it doesn’t appear that Pakistan is going to stop reacting about the India’s administration has changed in the last few years, appearing sullen and stone cold in its reaction to honourable PM Modi. 

Secondly, no matter the state of silence that has engulfed the two countries- it doesn’t seem as if India is going to stop reacting to every comment made on it by PM Imran Khan, even if he’s someone who can be easily misinformed. Think- the constant news pieces he tweets about sharing India’s atrocity on its “minorities!”

Third, despite everyone knowing on both sides of the border about cricketers having no fault or part to play in the cold distance that marks the two nations, there’ll always be some who’ll keep calling out names from both sides – making fun of talents and names who are, normal harmless people at the end of the day. 

Think of the massive troll armies on the Internet. 

So that said, how can one ever maintain calm when some news emerges again on the state of Imran Khan and the constant jibes he happens to take on his neighbouring country?

That brings us to the question that what might have the current Pakistani Prime Minister said about the condition

of his country’s economy that is finding much news reportage and coverage in India? 

In fact, have we in India cared to think whether what Imran Khan said in relation to us was even useful of offering too many responses to or is it that someone somewhere finds time to tweet something that’s of less value than many other significant issues and we all start believing in the hoopla?

Nonetheless, perhaps we know what the real truth is. 

Here’s what Imran Khan said in his most latest tweet where his Indian observers are of the view the the conveniently kept quite on the state of his own country’s economy?

It appears that in his generally honest offer in wanting to help hundreds of thousands of poor in India (given that the poor are suffering because of Covid 19), Khan had suggested a successful cash transfer program, one which he shared was lauded honestly for its credibility and transparency internationally. 

So at his end, this was an honest offer. That being said, this wasn’t taken too nicely by India who seem to have offered what is being called a fitting reply. 

Now one wonders what might have been the intellectual legitimacy- if one can ask that with all honesty and no harm- in the way India gave its reply but here’s what India said: 

In a sharp reply to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s offer to help with the cash transfer technology to aid the poor during the coronavirus pandemic, India reminded its neighbour that the size of the economic relief package extended by New Delhi to its citizens during the pandemic is as large as Pakistan’s GDP.

Now, the only think that does seem a bit out of place is that while Mr. Khan has a aware the problem of the poor and therefore, India’s plight – can anyone be doubted- for asking him to focus on his own country’s poor? 

That being said, while surely the two countries aren’t in the midst of good relations at all and a deliberate stance of no-dialogue persists between the two given Pakistan’s offer- howsoever daft if it indeed is was- was there a need to offer rebuke? And if one wanted to, couldn’t a “no reply” have done the job; saying no we aren’t interested. Try somewhere else. 

Surely, Pakistan may have done something amusing in thinking it can help india. But nowhere in his statement of help did Imran Khan make fun of India or point to current status at Covid 19 package- right? 

Could the issue have been handled gracefully? 

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