How on earth could eating dirt for (battling) obesity be a solution when being obese actually makes one about as meaningless as the crude term ‘dirt’ itself? Well, wait! Think about it. Reflect more over it.

A common cough or cold isn’t really the issue. They come and go. Indigestion isn’t actually a serious problem. It can be treated easily. Bodily aches too aren’t that scary either. There’s a way to deal with them as well. What really concerns one and all is the issue of obesity.

Obesity might surely be a life-killer in a major way. Obesity may surely harm the person struggling with it endlessly. But even before it comes to attack a person afflicted with it physically, it comes to destroy one’s confidence.

It comes to attack one’s peace of mind and mental outlook.

Ever thought about it- from this perspective? Most people in school, even before they turn out to be the individuals’ life makes them into being, are subjected to bullying and what’s now been amplified on social media: body-shaming.

What could be possibly worse other than being hammered mentally, in the mind; in heart, feelings, soul et cetera before the finality of life came to meet you?


Obesity snatches away everything in life- does it not? You cannot move about as frequently as what you’d ideally like, you are ridiculed and made to feel vulnerable, shallow, and above anything else- you end up considering yourself as being somewhat of a burden of sorts.

To cure obesity is everyone’s idea of leading a good life, leading a more meaningful and happier life but is it that easy?

Well, how can this ever be easy? But if, in case, you thought that only heading toward surgical procedures in the wake of a failure of diet and things like that was the only solution then, well, you are better advised to examine the true gravity of the situation, by taking into consideration measures through which you could battle your condition.

And just what is meant by that?

Ironical as it may sound, in order to treat a serious health affliction that makes one feel redundant like the dirt, it appears, all one’s got to do- in terms of curing obesity or taking the battle to it- is to eat dirt actually.

Anyone who is reading this and is simply mistaking this to be something on the lines of the great internet farce can be advised to think again. And you read the above right.

A recent study elaborated well by different news portals happens to share the very basic fact that in order to fight obesity, one might actually have to consider eating dirt.

This, precisely is, not a new phenomenon.

eating dirt for obesity
Daily Mail

Throughout human history, women, especially when they are pregnant have been observed to have eaten dirt. Children, particularly, when they are young kids have been notoriously linked to eating dirt. Think about it- isn’t this true?

According to the world’s leading Anthropologists, individuals tend to eat dirt particularly when they are struggling to cope with stomach issues.

Supermodels, such as Elle McPherson have even tried what’s called ‘Clay Cleanses.’

In lines with a string of benefits that eating dirt has with battling weight issues, here’s what’s trending currently everywhere:

Australian researchers found that obese rats that ate a certain kind of clay shed more pounds than those that were given a weight-loss drug, a new study reveals. Well, actually, that’s not the only thing.

The practice- actually recognized in life sciences and medical terminologies- of eating dirt especially during one’s pregnancy is called geophagy.

eating dirt for obesity
New York Post

The connection between eating dirt and battling bulging fat takes one back into time. Famous Greek Physician during the ancient times, Hippocrates, was the first to note pregnant women eating dirt and that once they’d do so, their children would follow suit.

This, although, has often been poorly-described.

Many cultures – including the majority of the US – file it under disordered eating of non-food things, known as Pica.

“Toward the South, it’s a common practice and in 2015, this was the subject of the 2015 documentary Eat White Dirt which explores Southerners’ love for chewing on kaolin, a kind of white clay formed from mineral deposits.

Kaolin is actually found in the drug Kaopectate, an anti-diarrheal.

And anthropological research suggests this is exactly why humans have been drawn to dirt. Throughout history, people seem to have taken up eating soil when their stomachs have been in distress.”

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