The Mahadev in Bijli Mahadev means supreme among the gods often called “Dev Adi Dev” meaning “God of Gods” or first among the gods. And, in Hindu culture, this Mahadev is Lord Shiva. There are tons of fascinating legends all over the world associated with Lord Shiva. He is also called Adi Anananta meaning the one with no beginning and end.

Bijli Mahadev | Himachal Pradesh
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There are a lot of magnificent temples all across the globe dedicated to Mahadev like the Ajanta Ellora in Maharashtra or the beautiful Kedarnath in Uttarakhand, but today we will tell you a lesser-known temple resting in the laps of Kullu Valley, the Bijli Mahadev Himachal Pradesh.

Bijli Mahadev Himachal Pradesh

Resting at the height of 2460m in the heavenly valley of Kullu, the Bijli Mahadev temple is located on a hilltop parallel to the “Sangam” of Beas and Parvati rivers. Offering an eminent view of the beautiful Parvati valley, this temple is one of its kind.

Folk Lores Associated With The Temple

In the interval of 12 years, either the Shiva lingam or the wooden staff present near the temple gets hit by lightning bolts and no one knows the mystery behind the phenomena. The lightning bolt hit breaks the lingam into pieces, but the head priest puts it all together using a paste made of pulses and “Makhan” or unsalted butter. After a period of a few months, the lingam again takes a solid shape just like before.

According to the locals, they believe that the reason why lightning strikes the lingam or the staff is the sheer divine grace of Lord Shiva. The area in which the temple is situated is very prone to lighting and the lingam protects the residents of the area by taking a hit on itself. However, a lot of people believe that the lighting itself is the blessings of God and carries special powers.

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Story of Kulanta

Another legend regarding this temple narrates a story of a demon, named Kulanta, who used to live in Kullu valley. Once he took the form of a giant python and reached Mathan village in Lahaul Spiti. Having evil intentions in his head, Kulanta tried to flood the whole village, by laying himself on the Beas River and obstructed the flow of the river. Lord Shiva saw this and got furious, he immediately set out to kill the monster.

After a fierce battle with Kulanta, Shiva slew the demon with his trident. Post the death of the python, his entire body turned into a huge mountain after this lord Shiva instructed lord Indra the king of gods to hit the mountain with lighting in the interval of 12years. According to locals, that is why the valley’s name came to be as Kullu after Kulanta’s death.

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How To Reach Bijli Mahadev In Himachal Pradesh

If you want to visit Bijli Mahadev temple you’ve to first reach Kullu. From the Kullu bus stand, you can get a bus to Bijli Mahadev village which is situated just at the foot of the hills and the bus goes up to the village called “Chansari” otherwise you can book a cab from the taxi stand. 

From Chansari one has to climb uphill almost distance of three kilometers and about a thousand stairs. The motor-able road is now extended to more than five kilometers which lessens the stair distance by half. If you are going by a personal vehicle or by a booked one, you can go all the way up to the village named “Halleni” which is the nearest village to the temple.

Entrance Board
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If you are fit and fine, you can even trek all the way from Kullu to Bijli Mahadev. The trek is almost fifteen kilometers in distance and will offer you beautiful jungles, orchid’s tall “deodar” trees and many small villages on the way. By the time you reach the top, your lungs will definitely get exhausted and will ask you for some rest, but the scenic gem which you will find at the peak will be worth all the exhaustion and sweat.

For the people who cannot trek at all can visit Bijli Mahadev through another route. There is another road which is motor-able from “Naggar” via Jana waterfall, and this will take you directly to the Bijli Mahadev temple. First, you have to reach Naggar from Kullu or Manali, and from there you can hire a vehicle. Usually, motorcycles are preferred but small motor vehicles will also take you there.

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Hope you’ll be more aware of the Bijli Mahadev in Himachal Pradesh and why it is one of the most scenic temples of Lord Shiva. Moreover, the folklores associated with the temple have been going around for hundreds of years and are still preserved by the locals.

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