No one watches cinema as passionately as South Indians. People have a weekly routine to end their Fridays with a new release. People in south India legit turn their actors into Gods and keep up with their work religiously. Now, South Indian movie Superstars have dominated the whole Indian film industry with their immense talent, following, and movies. As a result of all this a large list of some of the richest South Indian actors who have been a crowd favourite with their films and brands.

Richest South Indian Actors
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The number of south Indian actors transcending to the Hindi film industry was very limited, back in the day. But as we progress into the digital age, more actors are now testing waters on a national level and collaborating with actors from different industries, all to put the best foot forward, on a global level. These collaborations have opened new and extremely fruitful avenues for the actors to gain both popularity and money from different sectors.

Now, let’s jump right into the list of richest South Indian actors that have been a crowd favorite and have been bringing in a lot of money to their producers and directors.

7. Dhanush – Tollywood’s Richest Actors

Dhanush is a very talented actor and all Bollywood lovers know him because of his movie Ranjhaana with Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor. He was exceptionally phenomenal in the film and even though we don’t get to see much of him in Bollywood movies anymore, his south Indian movie fans are crazy about him.

This National award-winning actor released four movies last year and all of them did amazing business. His 2018 movies VADA CHENNAI and MAARI 2 did amazingly well at the box office. This fetched him 31 crores as his earnings.

Richest South Indian Actors
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6. Kamal Hassan – Richest Actors of South India

The only actor who has not appeared in any of the films in the last year and still managed to be in this list of richest south Indian actors is none one other than Kamal Hassan. Thanks to his political career and his Tamil version of Bigg Boss, both of them helped him to maintain his position as the richest of the south film industry.

Kamal Hasan
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5. Prabhas

As we all know, Prabhas is a supremely talented actor who is known for his brilliant acting and memorable characters. He is gaining international attention with the Baahubali franchise and his fame continues to rise drastically with each release.

Prabhas stared in Saaho along with Bollywood star Shraddha Kapoor last year. The film did amazing at the box office on the first day of release itself as it earned 130 crores. In 2019, Prabhas’s personal earnings were 34 crores.

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4. Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu is not only a handsome guy but also a very very talented actor who has delivered one phenomenal performance after the other. His unattainable acting chops got him into a decent number of big-budget movies. He manages to impress the critics and the audience with his killer and charming looks and brilliant acting.

Mahesh Babu earned 35 crores in 2019 as his movie Maharishi Logo was quite a blockbuster and as usual, people loved his performance.

Richest South Indian Actors
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3. Ajith Kumar – Richest South Indian Actors

South Indian film industry Hero Ajith Kumar is known for his posh lifestyle and his overall style. 2019 has proved to be a very productive year for the superstar as he has earned around 40.5 crores from his super hit movies. His performance was top notch in movies like VISWASAM and NERKONDA PAARVAI and captured viewers’ interest and love.

Richest South Indian Actors
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2. Mohanlal

Mohanlal has more than 350 films under his name and that’s the reason why he is second on our list of richest South Indian actors because his popularity and success have made him earn 64.5 crores in the last year only. 2019 proved to be the luckiest year for the actor because he won the prestigious National Award Padma Bhushan for his contribution to the film industry.

Richest South Indian Actors
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He is even a recipient of National-award. He released three movies last year and all of them were huge blockbusters.

1. Rajinikanth – Richest South Indian Actors

He is the true king of the south Indian film industry or we can say that he is the real Thalaivaa. He is even recognized and appreciated in Bollywood (Hindi film industry). The entire country loves his presence on-screen and we haven’t seen any other superstar as successful as Rajinikanth, at least in the last few decades with a more stunning onscreen presence.

Richest South Indian Actors
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In 2019 two of his movies became blockbusters. His 2 movies 2.0 and Petta were released with bumper openings. This fetched him 100 crores as his personal earning from this success.

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So these were some of the richest South Indian actors. Apart from being rich, some of them like Mahesh Babu and Prabhas are quite a philanthropist too as they regularly donate to charities and they even donated a lot during the pandemic.

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