The dingy darkness of the day. A bit of a moonshine. There’s danger lurking in the air. A twinge of fear lingering through the sky. The nightclub is buzzing, thriving, chicks dancing, bad guys roaming about. And in walks “Baba Yaga!”

A wave of palpable danger runs amok!

Enter John Wick, the big daddy of all hitmen! He’ll “Kill ’em all!” Exit the goons and the loathsome fellas.

Long hair, carefully disheveled, the tactical linings of the suit, a fully armored mode of operation with the “Glock” and the other European gun-loads fitted in! This is a one-man-army, driven to kill, determined to eliminate.

He won’t stop at anything!

And where we’ve seen 3 back-to-back installations of the great Chad Stahleski-driven outfit, that’s pretty much been the case.

Truth be told, at 55, Keanu Reeves is pretty much an enigma. The naughtiness isn’t there, but there’s also no pretence and zero signs of slowing down.

John Wick

On the contrary, never before has the Beirut-born star done as many noted action films with such gravitas as the aces he’s been pulling out from his craft in the last decade.

We saw John Wick. We were entertained by 47 Ronin. And there was some exhilaration about Replicas, which sunk at the box office. Though, the rest of Keanu Reeves’ action lot didn’t; in fact, they sailed away comfortably.

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But there are things about Keanu Reeves that one finds interesting and actually deserve some retelling of sorts. Like the real story behind why John Wick movie franchise was actually called so?

So do you know why John Wick was called John Wick, the makers of the movie deciding to rest with that title instead of opting with what was once the original choice: Scorn!?

Apparently, legend has it that John Wick as a movie title required something hugely cerebral from Keanu’s end. For there’s no other way to put it.

The thing is that time and again, would Keanu Reeves forget the name of the movie. Imagine how weird is that? But is that a joke?

No, sir! Absolutely not. The very fact that Keanu kept forgetting the name of John Wick all the time actually raised the importance of this uncanny name of sorts- the mark of an eternal hitman, one that in the movie-career of Reeves, has sort of become his parallel identity of sorts.

In fact, in a recent media interaction, one close source connected to the mega success story told the viewers as it is by sharing:

Marketing was like, “Dude, that’s four to five million dollars in free advertising so far, so it’s John Wick instead of Scorn.” I can’t imagine it being Scorn now.’

Furthermore, reporting more on a very dramatic story, Metro had the following to share:

A fourth film is in the works but, like many other movies, production has been halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. John Wick has a huge fan following thanks to its high-octane action sequences and all-round nice guy Keanu in general.

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That being said, when will the Hitman – on whose head there’s a multi-million-dollar bounty – return to gun-slinging action; one just can’t wait, isn’t it?

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