Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth
297 Million US Dollars

Estimated Income 2020
84 Million US Dollars

How Rich is Robert Downey Jr.?

Robert Downey Jr Estimated Net Worth | Ironman with Spiderman
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Robert Downey Jr. is one of the heavyweights in Hollywood. After all, the former drug addict did not only overcome his addiction but also became the most loved and highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

In recent years, Robert Downey Jr has managed to accumulate assets worth millions. One of the most successful film franchises, The Avengers, contributed a lot to his wealth. Robert Downey Jr. was already on the big screen in 1970 and there is still no end in sight to his career.

The Hollywood star has also earned the respect of critics over the years. Although he has only been nominated for two of the prestigious Academy Awards, many critics now consider him one of the best actors of his generation. Robert Downey Jr.’s estimated net worth is 297 million dollars.

Hefty Fees For Roles – Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth

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Robert Downey Jr. has already topped the Forbes list of the highest-paid actors in all of Hollywood multiple times in the past. During his post-drug addiction acting career, he was able to prove that Robert Downey Junior is a truly convincing actor.

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The actor makes somewhere around 50 Million US dollars per movie and even more in some cases because of the profit share clause in his contract. It is absolutely justified because it is the name Robert Downey Junior that brings the people to theatres.

Fighting Drug Addiction

Robert Downey Jr Drug Addiction
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His drug addiction began in the 1990s. It even led to the actor being punished several times. He was arrested in August 1999 because he had violated his probation requirements.

As part of his drug therapy, he managed to fool his psychologist. At some point, however, the dizziness blew up and he came to his senses.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Career

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The fact that Robert Downey Senior, his father, himself worked as a filmmaker, laid the foundation for the son’s later career. After all, the son was easily able to take on the first film roles as a child.

Some may say that the fact that the son was in the spotlight so early contributed to his later drug addiction, which sent him to prison for 16 months. Robert Downey Jr. was born into an unconventional home and that was the reason he came into contact with drugs during his childhood itself.

His father allowed him to smoke pot for the first time when he was six. Robert Downey Jr. was also surrounded by cocaine at a young age. Robert Downey Junior himself says that drugs became more and more important for the relationship with his father in the course of his life.

His parent’s love for their child was replaced by drugs. The star has now been involved in many major TV and productions that are well known in the United States. Robert Downey Jr. has managed to leave his drug past behind.

Ironman In a Still From Avengers

The fact that his fee for his first Iron Man role was just 475,000 dollars is certainly a surprise for many fans because the Avengers comic book adaptation was a super blockbuster, all thanks to his acting skills.

In the second part of the Iron Man Series, however, Robert Downey Junior was able to collect a fee of 9.5 million dollars. Through his share of the sales, a total of 48 million dollars flowed into his account.

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This corresponds to a hundredfold increase in his fee in just four years. Also, Avengers Endgame filled his account with another 70 Million Dollars. This only goes on to prove that Robert Downey Junior is one of a kind, both as an actor and as an icon.

Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth is a perfect example of what hard work, determination and discipline can get you.

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