With in-house productions such as ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Dead girls don’t lie’ or ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Netflix has made many hit popular series. We have compiled a list of the best Netflix Original Series.

Best Netflix Original Series

It all started in 2013, with the prestigious production “House of Cards”. Since then, the leading streaming provider has been producing series on the production line. In 2018 alone, about eight billion dollars flowed into the content. The brand “Netflix Original” has long since become a quality seal, even if not everything reaches the level of big top series like “Stranger Things” or “The Crown”.

Netflix had to make do with the fact that some series do not work with the viewers and that is okay. Series such as “Sense8”, “The Get Down” or “Girlboss” were discontinued after just one season. But, they did not stop producing and continued to generate huge amounts of content for the viewers globally. Program head Ted Sarandos has pointed out that Netflix so far has sent 93 percent of its Netflix Original Series in the extension or season 2.

We focus on the best Netflix original series of recent years: From the successful start “House of Cards”, about foreign-language highlights such as “Narcos” or “House of the money” to series such as “Stranger Things”.

Here is the list of the best Netflix original series

1. The Haunting of Hill House – Best Netflix Original Series

The Haunting of hill house | best Netflix Original Series

With this series, Netflix has proven: Classic scary elements still work best. The horror series relies on creaky doors, empty hallways, disturbing whispers, and made its viewers scared with these rather subtle horror effects of 2018.

With a couple and their five children, the viewer experiences the horror on multiple levels at the same time. It gives you more than just goosebumps, it gives you the chills and the weak of heart should perhaps avoid this horror hit.

For everyone else, thanks to Netflix, you’ll experience a real hell of a trip like you have not seen in movies since “The Shining”. This is by far the best Netflix Original Series in horror.

2. Mind Hunter

Mind hunter | best Netflix Original Series

An FBI agent is developing a new profiling technique, chasing dangerous serial killers and felons. Visually, in terms of storytelling and staging, “Seven” and “Fight Club” director David Fincher has succeeded in producing a brilliant piece of serial history.

The accurately-equipped and well-researched series is a must for Fincher fans and thrillers and crime thrillers quickly catch themselves trapped by the subtle interplay of character drama and investigator plot.

3. House of money

House of money | Netflix Shows

Anyone who appreciates suspenseful Heist movies can not ignore this Spanish production. “La Casa de Papel”, as it is called in the original, is a surprisingly unpredictable and entertaining series, with references to Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs” and Soderbergh’s “Ocean’s” trilogy.

As in all successful modern series, the focus is on characters that do not let go of their fate, dream and character weaknesses. It moves the viewer. Of the invariably Spanish performers, the professor (Álvaro Morte), the commissioner (Itziar Ituño) and Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) are to be singled out for their rousing performance.

4. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures | Best Netflix Series

Whoever grew up with the sitcom “Sabrina – The Teenage Witch” or the animated series “Sabrina” should be surprised, if not shocked, by the new incarnation of the teen witch portrayed by Kiernan Shipka – The “Riverdale”. The series has bizarre humor and a nostalgic look but also brings up flawless horror.

The unconventional mix makes “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” the best ever “Buffy” successor. The fact that Sabrina’s family are devil worshipers has received surprisingly little attention. Ironically, instead of devout churchgoers, some Satanists went to court because the serial makers allegedly copied their statue of the deity Baphomet.

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5. Atypical

Atypical | best Netflix Original Series

The series features well-known creator and scriptwriter Robia Rashid, known for success hits like “How I Met Your Mother” or “Will & Grace”. Comedy specialist Seth Gordon (“Horrible Bosses”) has directed several episodes and you can tell quickly. The series despite its theme is about the 18-year-old autistic Sam (Keir Gilchrist).

The drama brings out a lot from the convincing cast of characters (including Jennifer Jason Leigh as Mom) by taking the boy’s problems seriously, but never too seriously. Curious turns cleverly used “useless knowledge” and absurd encounters often make you laugh gloriously. In short, the humor is an effective formula for a hit series.

6. Dark

Dark | Netflix Originals

This is the first German production from Netflix Original Series. The series is praised for its courageous concept and the modern narrative structure. The time travel story captivates with its visual finesse, interesting characters and many surprising story twists.

If you like series such as “Stranger Things” and “Twin Peaks” you should just watch it already. In our opinion, it will not get enough of “Dark” quite fast. Luckily, Netflix has already commissioned a second season.

7. Narcos


First Pablo Escobar, then the Cali Cartel; After the era of the notorious drug baron ended, Netflix recalled a new focus. And that’s good. Joining the new episodes is DEA investigator Javier Pena, magnificently portrayed by Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones). The pictures from Bogota and the surrounding areas look fantastic, the continuation of the story is visually stunning even without Escobar.

What’s more, the rather one-sided focus on the simultaneously charismatic and challenging main character gives way to a more dynamic, significantly more versatile ensemble cast. A fast-paced, politically explosive and with lots of twists and turns.

The spin-off “Narcos: Mexico” comes up with a completely new cast and follows the marijuana deals in the Mexican city of Guadalajara. The first three seasons “Narcos” made it the best Netflix Original Series, no question about it.

8. Master of None

Master of none
© ShadesofNoir

Aziz Ansari in his “Master of None” role is the lighthouse among the positive examples. His straightforward game is sometimes fascinating, sometimes exhausting, but always entertaining in the first place.

The unconventional comedy is not just another comedy that rages one gag after another. Not that the gags would not work, but they are just a pleasurable side effect in an original, modern narrative.

9. Sex education

Sex Education
© DenofGeek

Not only serial veteran Gillian Anderson (“The X-Files of the FBI”) makes this British gem worth seeing. Despite its theme, the 8-piece Dramedy is never childish and even manages to convey serious tones about sex and sexual enlightenment without raising one’s eyebrows.

The mix of humor and seriousness has rarely worked better in a series. The two young actors Emma Mackey (“Summit Fever”) and Asa Butterfield (“Hugo Cabret”) play a big part in this – as a dynamic duo, which offers sex therapy for the classmates at a small English provincial school, they are a refreshingly entertaining feast for the eyes. Good that Season 2 is already in progress. When will we get to see the sequel is yet not clear.

10. Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black
© digitaltrends

Finally, a serious drama series, in which the female characters are the focus and they do not indulge as a pretty showcase dolls. In prison life, the typical issues are negotiated, interpersonal relationships, sex, drugs and above all the existential question about the meaning of life.

However, OITNB never drifts into everyday pedagogy or raises its moral finger all too hard. The stories are narrated lifelike and emotionally staged. So it is easy for the audience to quickly dive into the series and empathize with the multi-faced characters. The binge factor is high as the topic is relevant. Lock yourself up and look inside you.

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11. The Crown

The Crown
© youtube

How does the queen work? What happens behind the scenes of the Royal family? With this series about the English royal house, Netflix has landed a real coup. Millions of people around the world want to get a glimpse into the power structures and seemingly safe world of the royal family – Netflix delivers it. And how: The story is not a shallow television soap opera from inside Buckingham Palace, but a neatly researched chronology of power.

Above all, Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth is a revelation. She plays the head of the English royal family with empathy and so much heart that millions of Netflix viewers can not get enough of the insights into the soul life of the Queen.

12. Glow

© scenesmedia

The TV series “GLOW” (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) caused not only a stir with its fluorescent 80s look and the shrill characters, but also praise from the critics and the audience. The story is inspired by the real-life women’s wrestling league in the late 1980s in the US, but independently proves an original sense of humour.

The first ten episodes narrate the creation and composition of a screamingly funny women’s ensemble, which only crashes into the ring at the end. US podcast star Marc Maron as director and mentor of the women is outstanding, Alison Brie is the leading actress. The second season is also convincing.

13. BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman
© youtube

Do not let the horse as the leading character fool you, this series is to be taken very seriously. BoJack Horseman is the story of a Hollywood actor. He runs, churns whiskey, owns a luxurious mansion in the Hollywood Hills and was the star of a successful sitcom called “Horsin ‘Around” in the nineties.

But that’s just the beginning of the madness. This comedy is cynical but it is good. Cleverly, it alternates between sarcasm, seriousness and melancholy, works mainly as a media satire. And, despite the prevailing absurd comedy, manages to practice social critique very cleverly.

14. Stranger Things

Stranger Things
© youtube

Legendary, the reaction “Stranger Things” develops after watching only a few episodes. With a well-chosen ensemble, both the refreshingly carefree performances of the young actors (Millie Bobby Brown) and the portrayals of seasoned actors like Winona Ryder are great, a wide audience is addressed.

The series is a hit with young and old. Especially with the latter because the mystery manages to clinch the audience’s attention and take them back to the ’80s. References and cross-references to the complete work of Stephen King makes the series a complex visual experience a binge-watch. This is currently the best Netflix Original Series.

15. 13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why
© ssesgauntlet

There is Rarely any series that has caused so much controversy as the first season of “13 Reasons Why”. The English title refers to the sophisticated, innovative narrative style in which a suicide story is rolled up in reverse with the help of 13 audio cassettes. The two main actors Dylan Minnette (Clay) and Katherine Langfort (Hannah) are an engaging, fantastic duo.

They carried the first season almost single-handedly. Although the second season could no longer keep up with the high standard, this extremely contemporary high school drama delivers material moves and stimulates us.

16. House of Cards

House of Cards
© Baltimoresun

Of course, the first big prestigious production of Netflix must not be missed from the list of Best Netflix Original Series. Because of a fatal flaw Netflix sold the international rights then to Sky, so the Netflix production always ran first on Sky and was available on the streaming platform of Sky earlier than the Netflix itself.

Nevertheless, we can not help but say that this is a disturbing political thriller from the very core of the American power apparatus and is pretty much the best that has been shot about political series in the recent years. Kevin Spacey, with his portrayal of the power-obsessed Frank Underwood, has brought one of the most intriguing and scary characters of all time to the throne of the Series.

As the streaming service increasingly relies on exclusive content, Netflix subscribers are getting the taste of new series and movies each month. What needs to be praised is that a lot of aspiring new writers, directors and cast members have got the opportunity to make big. Netflix has extensive content of every genre and is constantly expanding. So, this was the list of best Netflix Original Series. Hope this helps your craving to binge-watch.

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