The bike helmet protects the head in the event of a fall and can save lives. It is reason enough not to drive without proper protection. But we usually keep on using the same helmet till it is either lost or inner protective material starts falling apart. So do motorcycle helmets expire and when should we replace the helmet? Let’s find out.

Motorcycle Helmet Expiry

Riding a motorcycle gives people a feeling of freedom. It is as close to flying with the wind in the face as humans have gotten to yet. However, freedom is not free of dangers and responsibilities. Therefore, you must wear a helmet before going for a ride.

Do Helmets Have an Expiration Date? – Do Motorcycle Helmets Expire

You need to check for any wear and tear to the helmet, both outside and inside. The inner material can quickly become porous over the years, especially if stored incorrectly.

The helmet must be replaced after about three to five years for safety reasons. The polystyrene or Styrofoam used in the helmet becomes unstable when exposed to UV light and can no longer maintain the appropriate protection. You can find the information on a label stuck to the inside of the helmet. The sticker should have the ISI mark and must be tested according to the Bureau of Indian Standards. Both indicate that the helmet meets certain safety criteria.

But the helmet is not only to be replaced after half-life. If the helmet has already averted a fall, the protective function is also no longer guaranteed. Experts then advise buying a new one.

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Rule of Thumb for the Right Size – Motorcycle Helmet Guide

In general, bikers need to know what they need the helmet for like more for the city center or long rides in the mountains. The mountain bike helmet is pulled more towards the neck. In addition to reflectors, additional lighting can be useful for everyday helmets.

The following rule of thumb applies to get the correct size of helmet, one centimeter is added to the head circumference. A good helmet is neither too tight nor too loose. The helmet must be stable in the middle of the head and should not slip off the forehead. A finger must fit between the chinstrap and the jaw. The side belt distributor must be pushed in such a way that the straps miss the ear keeping it open.

Do helmets Come with an Expiry

Shape and Design are a Matter of Taste – Motorcycle Helmet Guide

It is important that the head is well ventilated while wearing a helmet. This works with both the in-mold helmet and the hard shell helmet, even if you don’t look at it immediately and it is a little heavier. The decision between these two basic shapes depends on the intended use and personal taste.

Helmets with the MIPS system have an additional insert intended to protect against serious brain injuries in the event of an accident. There are also helmets with built-in GPS chips to make the emergency call in the event of a fall.

Is Your Bike Really Roadworthy?

Apart from the helmet, when you ride your bike, you should definitely check your bike every month for faults. You need to see whether the brakes and the chain are still functional or are endangering your safety. Also, look out for rust and cracks in the bike frame because issues appearing while driving can be life-threatening.

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So do you need a good helmet and do motorcycle helmets expire? The answer is a straight ‘Yes’. A good helmet is not only mandatory but is crucial as a piece of life-saving equipment. Just like you won’t deep dive without the oxygen, you must not ride without a helmet. If you think that the helmet needs replacement, never think twice. Get it replaced immediately.

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