As the Indian market for two-wheelers is growing with every passing year, so is the demand for best helmets Under 2000 Rs in India.

Other than being an essential safety gear for two-wheeler drivers, helmets these days have also become more of an accessory which defines the riders. Gone are the days when daily commuters opted for those cheap options available on the roadsides. 

Best Helmets Under 2000 Rs

  1. Steelbird Air-1 Beast (Rs 1950)
  2. Steelbird Vision Hunk (Rs 1728)
  3. Studds Chrome Super D1 (Rs 1496)
  4. Vega Crux (Rs 1344)
  5. Studds CUB 07 (Rs 1095)
  6. Studds Helmet Thunder D3
  7. Vega Helmet Offroad OR-D

When it comes to the best helmets in India, buyers get confused as to what should be a reasonable budget for buying a sturdy and trendy helmet but as far as the market is considered, helmets under 2000 Rs are sold in huge numbers.

It doesn’t matter if you own a cruiser or a lightweight sports bike, you will definitely have an option to choose from under this segment and here we have listed the five best helmets under 2000 Rs in India that you can trust on for those unexpected accidents.

Since full face and open face helmets are in trend these days, we have listed the best of both forms in this list. Moreover, we have also kept in mind the need of a helmet to compliment your ride and these five best helmets under 2000 Rs in India can go with any of the style statements you want to carry with your bike.

Best Helmets Under 2000 Rs In India

1. Steelbird Helmet Air-1 Beast (Rs 1950)

Best Helmets Under 2000 Rs

Steelbird Air-1 Beast is the smartest looking helmet in this segment and it is available in a matte finish as well as two size options. It comes packed with high impact absorbing materials for comfort and replaceable interior panels for maximum benefits as well as durability.

Along with a European standard buckle design what makes the Air-1 the best Steelbird helmet under 2000 Rs in this segment is its highly effective ventilation system.

Best Helmets Under 2000 Rs


2. Steelbird Helmet Vision Hunk (Rs 1728)

Steelbird Helmet

Another full face helmet which comes with a multi-pore breathable interior, anti-allergic and antibacterial coating, the Vision Hunk weighs 1400 grams.

Its visor is scratch resistant and also comes with a tint effect as stock. Its quick release visor helps the rider switch between both types of visors, mid-way and fully expanded, with much ease.

Steelbird Helmet


3. Studds Helmet Chrome Super D1 (Rs 1496)

Studds Helmet

Studds has been known to manufacturer the most durable helmets for the masses and Chrome Super D1 is no exception. The full face helmet comes with EPS padding, UV protecting visor, Chrome Super D1, anti-allergic inner material and UV resistant paint.

It can be bought in only White shade but with attractive graphics. While Visor replacement needs no special equipment, the insides are washable and removable. This is one of the best Studd helmets under 2000 Rs.


4. Vega Helmet Crux (Rs 1344)

Vega Helmet

Vega’s full face helmet has been in a huge demand these days, but the Vega Crux helmet under 1500, which is a dual purpose helmet, offers even better practicality.

While it can serve as both an open face and full face helmet, the visor automatically moves up when the rider raises the jaw section of Vega Crux. This action can be performed with a single press of a button while the protective gear is available in Black, Red and White shades.Vega Helmet


5. Studds Helmet CUB 07 (Rs 1095)


The only half faced mention in our list of five best helmets under 2000 Rs in India, Studds CUB 07 deserves a huge round of applause for infusing safety and looks into this design.


6. Studds Helmet Thunder D3

Best Helmet Under 2000

One of the best helmet under 2000, Thunder D3 is a very versatile full-face helmet offering good protection and comfort.

It has an aerodynamic design that helps in reducing drag and the inner padding and liner are washable.


7. Vega Helmet Offroad OR-D

Vega HelmetWant a good looking swanky helmets under 2000, look no more and grab on a Vega Helmet Offroad OR-D.

This stylish helmet offers good protection and the inner liner and padding are washable. The best thing is that it has dual visor one clear visor and other being a tinted visor.

Brand Helmet Price(Approx)
Steelbird Air-1 Beast Rs 1900
Steelbird Vision Hunk Rs 1900
Studds Chrome Super D1 Rs 1100
Vega Crux Rs 1300
Studds CUB 07 Rs 1100
Studds Helmet Thunder D3 Rs 2000
Vega Offroad OR-D Rs 2000

These were the five best helmets under 2000 Rs in India which perfectly suit the needs of any kind of rider. If you are looking to buy the best protection gear which offers the best value for money, you can go for either of these helmets, according to your taste or what should complement your ride the most.

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