Everyone loves bikes, they love the looks, the style and more than anything, the speed. Yes, they are not the safest form of travel and transportation, but they certainly add a cool quotient to one’s looks and overall aesthetic. If you’re also a bike-head then you would definitely have a fair idea of which are the fastest bikes in the world, but do you know about the fastest bikes in India?

top 5 fastest bikes in india
Image Souce: bmw-motorrad.in

The craze and sales for bikes in India were always high, due to the growing middle-class population but ever since people saw John Abraham blazing through the road on the Hayabusa in “Dhoom”, somewhere in their hearts they kept a desire to own and ride on those speed machines. In this piece, we will list out some of the fastest bikes in India. The bikes mentioned here mostly belong to the segment of 1000cc or above since that’s the true identity of a fast bike.

5. Ducati Panigale V4 – Fastest Bike In India

The Italian superbike manufacturers know what a superbike is and they deliver the best a biker could ask for. Known for its inertia breaking acceleration and best in class throttle response, the Panigale V4 is the queen of the 1000cc segment. Set to be launched in 2020 Ducati has already begun the pre-booking process for the bike.

Price: 21 lakhs

Engine: 4 cylinder V4

Top speed: 310kmph

Torque: 124 Nm at 10000rpm

Quarter Mile: 3.21 sec

Ducati Panigale V4 | Queen Of Bikes In 1000cc
Image Source: ducati.com

Being a favorite in the Moto GP events Panigale is something that can satisfy any superbike enthusiast. It is packed with excellent features and smooth ride control, Panigale has good potential to be your dream bike.


The superbike manufacturers MV AGUSTA is known for making state of the art vehicles and the FV is truly a modern classic. With its lightweight CrMo (Chromium Molybdenum) construction it weighs merely 190kgs. Featured with class-leading attributes like a diamond-shaped headlamp, power-adjust Ohlins suspension alongside patent four-pipe exhaust system.

Price: 35lakhs

Engine: 998cc inline 4cylinder

Top speed: 299 kmph

Torque: 111 at 1000 rpm.

Quarter Mile: 2.7 sec

MV AGUSTA F4 RR | top 5 fastest bikes in india
Image Souce: bikewale.com

A bit high on the monetary spectrum, the RR is the revival version of the legendary Augusta F4 series which was discontinued in 2018 and the RR was launched featuring a solid steel tubular trellis frame, single-sided aluminum swingarm for better control at speeds.

3. Suzuki Hayabusa

The bike which created a craving and interest for superbikes in the minds of millennials. Back in 2004 when John Abraham rode this beast in the movie Dhoom. The Hayabusa is often called India’s favourite superbike and it is a treat to the eyes to watch, due to its cutting edge design and low riding position.

Price: 15 lakhs

Engine: 1340cc

Top speed: 312 kmph

Torque: 155 Nm 7200 rpm

Quarter Mile: 2.7 sec

Hayabusa | top fastest bikes in india
Image Source: suzukimotorcycles.com.au

When first launched in 1999 the Hayabusa immediately became the fastest bike in production. Holding a mammoth engine of 1340 cc the Hayabusa can easily surpass any bike in the segment in terms of top speed if the engine gets a little tweaking and clocking. “Beast locked in a cage”

2. BMW S 1000 RR

One of the most aggressive looking bikes by BMW is also the most expensive one and one of the fastest bikes in India. BMW launched this superbike in 2019 for the Indian Market with a lot of new design upgrades.

Price: 18.5 lakhs

Engine: 999cc 4 cylinder inline

Top speed: 300 kmph

Torque: 113 Nm at 10500rpm

Quarter Mile: 2.9 sec

BMW S 1000 RR
Image Souce: bmw-motorrad.in

First unveiled in 2009 the bike got some serious upgrade in the recent revision of 2019. The engine uses BMW’s ShiftCam technology that tunes the valve timing and stroke length of the intake for delivering more power throughout the rev range.

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1. KAWASAKI NINJA H2 – Fastest Bike In India

The toned down and street-legal version of the race track monster Kawasaki Ninja H2R, H2 was launched in 2018 in India. Kawasaki launched three variants of this bike, the NINJA H2R, H2 and H2 carbon. Often called the fastest bike in production this beast has a very dominant road presence.

Price: 41 lakhs (H2 carbon)

Engine: 998 cc 4 cylinder inline

Top speed: 330-400 kmph

Torque: 156Nm at 10500 rpm

Quarter Mile: 2 sec

Image Source: kawasaki-india.com

The lower end H2 costs about 34 lakhs the serious reduction of the cost comes from replacing carbon fiber panels to fibre panels and also the supercharger. While the H2R is launched in India at a price tag of 74 lakhs it’s restricted to the tracks only.

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These are some of the fastest bikes in India and some of them also feature a track-only versions like the H2R and MV AGUSTA F4 RC but both of them are not legal on the streets due to the rules and regulations of RTO. So, which one is your dream bike?

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