With the increasing popularity of green and clean energy people are switching towards electric vehicles and search for the best electric bikes in India and cars in consistently rising. During recent years the demand for electrical vehicles has increased significantly, big sharks in the pool like Tesla left no stones unturned in marketing their product and its roadsters are quite appealing too.

Revolt Motors RV 400 | Best Electric Bikes India
©Revolt Motors

The same scenario can be seen in India too, major auto manufacturers have steadily started introducing more electric options for their consumers, and this expands from electric cars to electric bikes.

In this piece we have accumulated some of the best electric bikes in India 2020, it includes some that are already available in the market and some that are soon to be launched.

1. Revolt RV – Best Electric Bikes In India

Revolt RV is the first A.I enabled bikes in India and it is available in two variants the standard RV300 and the premium RV400. The bike was launched with the flashy “my revolt scheme” under which you can get the bike on 3000â‚ą per month instalment. The scheme was launched to lure in a younger audience. Currently, the bike is available in Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad. 

Revolt RV | Best Electric Bikes in India
Source: BikeDekho | Revolt Motors


Price: 1.11 lakh (my revolt scheme)

Battery: 2.7KWh

Range: 100-180Kms

Charging Time: 4.2hours

Top speed: 65kmph


Price:1.29 lakh (my revolt scheme)

Battery: 3.2KWh

Range: 150kms

Charging Time: 4.5hours

Top speed: 85kmph

2. SriVaru Motors- PRANA

SriVaru Motors is the brainchild of a former Tesla Engineer Mohanraj Ramaswamy and he’s on the quest to introduce more electric vehicles in the Indian market. SVM unveiled the bike in August 2019 and was set to launch the product in the first quarter of 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions, the brand had to postpone the launch. As of now, the bike is open for pre-booking. 

Prana SriVaru Motors | best electric bikes in India
©SriVaru Motors

Price: 1.5-2 lakhs

Range: 225 km

Charging Time: 4 hour

Top speed: 125 kmph

3. Hero electric AE-47

This homegrown electric bike was unveiled in the 2020 motor show and is said to hit the market by Dec 2020. It has a compact, yet aggressive stance that sets it apart from the crowd and catches everyone’s attention. 

Hero electric AE-47 | Indian Electric Bikes
©Tushar Kelshikar/Team BHP

Price: 1.2 lakhs (estimated)

Battery: 3.5 kWh

Range: 160 km

Charging Time: 4 hours

Top speed: 85 kmph

4. Ultraviolette F77 “airstrike”

Another one of the best electric bikes in India and one of the most efficient electric bikes globally due to its fast charging and high power output. The F77 was being developed by the Ultraviolette automotive for the last 4 years. The bike is packed with loads of smart features like the LTE connectivity and more, and the automatic battery opening slot is a feast to eyes. The pre-booking is open for this and the company will start the delivery in the last quarter of this year.

Ultraviolette F77-airstrike
©Ultraviolette Automotive

Price: 3-3.5 lakhs

Battery: 4.2 KWh

Range: 150 km

Charging: 1.5hours

Top speed: 147 kmph 

5. Emflux-1

This is the first super electric bike in India manufactured by the EM motors, a Bengaluru based company. So far it is the fastest electric bike in India with a zooming acceleration of 0-100 in just 3 seconds and comes at a hefty price point. The company is about to start the pre-bookings in the next quarter.

Emflux One
©Emflux Motors

Price: 5.5 – 6 lakhs

Battery: 9.7KWh Samsung Li-ion

Range: 200kms

Charging time: 3.5hours

Top speed: 200 kmph

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6. Orxa energies- Mantis – Best Electric Bikes In India

This is the first electric bike in the naked segment and its truly naked and sporty look makes the ground presence of this bike very effective and strong. Since its unveiling in the last bike show in Goa, people are eagerly waiting for this bike. The company has promised to open the booking by the end of this year.

Orxa energies- Mantis | Best Electric Bikes in India
©Orxa Energies

Price: 3-4 lakhs

Battery: 9KWh

Range: 200kms

Charging time: 3.5 hours

Top speed: 140 kmph

7. Evolet Hawk

A true sports electric bike the hawk comes with a sporty look and an E-ABS. The bike was supposed to be launched in the first quarter but somehow it got delayed and the company has stated that the official launch will be in November.

Evolet Hawk

Price: 1.25lakhs

Battery: 72v 80Ah

Range: 150km

Charging time: 4hours

Top speed: 80 kmph

Besides the features mentioned above, all the bikes here are enabled with smart features like Geo-fencing, Geolocation, App-enabled control panel, Shock and speed sensors, Keyless starting with a wireless remote and full LED lights.

Most of the bikes in this best electric bikes in India list were supposed to launch by the start of 2020, however, due to the ongoing scenarios, the launch is shifted to the end.

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