Cars are an excellent form of manufacturing that are consistently serving us with the biggest and best returns. However, everyone’s criteria is a bit different on how they choose their car, some like it flashy, some go for performance and then some are all about speed. The fastest the car, the better which is why we are covering the fastest cars in India over here.

India's Fastest Cars

We all have debated about which is the fastest car in the world, but more often than not they are not available in India which is why we have excluded this list just the fastest cars in India. We have also listed their engine power, transmission, top speed and what time they take to go from 0 to 100. Let’s start right off.

1. Bugatti Chiron – Fastest Cars In India

The natural successor of the fastest production car (legal) is currently the fastest production car in the world and for obvious reasons, one of the fastest cars in India. Its sophisticated design, innovative technology, and iconic, performance-centric form make it a unique masterpiece of art.

Bugatti Chiron | Fastest Cars In India

Price: 19.2 – 21.2 crores

Engine: 8.0L W16 quad-turbo.

Transmission: 7 speed automatic

Top speed: 420kmph

0-100: 2.5seconds

Each year Bugatti manufactures only 300 of them which makes this car a collectible item more than a transportation item, and this also adds up to its resale value.

2. Bugatti Veyron

When launched it was the fastest production car to reach the speed of 400kmph which was later tuned down due to the problem of the flaming exhaust.

Bugatti Veyron | Fastest Cars In India

Price: 12 crores

Engine: 8.0L W16 supercharged

Transmission: 7 Speed automatic

Top speed: 350kmph

0-100: 2.9 seconds

The car was named in the honour of Pierre Veyron, a development engineer and company racer who won the 1939’ 24 hours of Le Mans in a Bugatti.

3. Lamborghini Aventador – Fastest Cars In India

The Aventador was first launched in India in November 2011, soon after it was showcased for international markets at the Geneva Motor Show in that year. And, it officially is one of the classiest and best looking fastest cars in India.

Lamborghini Aventador | Fastest Cars India

Price: 5 crores

Engine: 6.5L V12

Transmission: 7 speed automatic

Top speed: 350 kmph

0-100: 3 seconds

Lamborghini launched Aventador S in 2017 and after that Aventador SVJ ROADSTER was launched which is by far the fastest car from the manufacturers. The Aventador is available in two variants both powdered by the same petrol motor.

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4. Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ferrari is known as the makers of some of the fastest cars in the world. The Italian supercar manufacturer introduced the 812 Superfast as a replacement for the Ferrari F12. But this is not any ordinary Ferrari we are talking about, this one of the most powerful production car ever produced by the manufacturers.

Ferrari 812 Superfast
©Wikimedia Commons

Price: 5.2 crores

Engine: 6.5L V12 petrol

Transmission: 7 speed automatic

Top speed: 340kmph

0-100: 2.9 seconds

In India Ferrari 812 gives bumper to bumper competition to the Aventador. However, people prefer the personal touches which are offered by Ferrari.

5. Lamborghini Huracan EVO

This “Low” budget supercar offers you a convertible option and the roar of Lamborghini. Featuring the Lamborghini scissor doors, this car always gets an eye. Roaring with the legendary Lamborghini V10 engine the Huracan gives a cut-throat competition to its siblings.

Lamborghini Huracan Evo
©Wikimedia Commons

Price: 3.2 crores

Engine: 5.2L V10

Transmission: 7 speed automatic

Top speed: 320 kmph

0-100: 3 seconds

6. Audi R8

Ever since Tony stark drove this beauty in one of the first Iron man movies, this series got featured in every movie in which Tony stark drove a car. Unveiled in 2016 internationally, Audi R8 was launched in India in 2018.

Audi R8
©Wikimedia Commons

Price: 2.72 crores

Engine: 5.2L V10

Transmission: 7 speed automatic/manual

Top speed: 320 kmph

0-100: 3.5 seconds

The car is readily available in both manual and automatic transmission. Mated with a dual-clutch system this car is a bliss to drive and will give you that Tony stark vibe.

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So these were some of the best and fastest cars in India. These cars are known for their speed and looks which makes them a delectable item in every car lover’s garage. However, various manufacturers have stopped mass producing these fast cars to add to their value, but you can get any of these in any pre-owned exotic vehicle dealer near you. So, which one is your favourite fastest cars in India?

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