In an age where we often see big brand wars, where an entity tries all it can to upstage the other in the desperately demanding fight for greater market share- how big is the element of consistency? And actually, can there be another defining factor as great as consistency? This, it ought to be remembered, is the very principle that takes organizations ahead in the race, gives an individual that mercurial edge, and above anything else- leads to big dreams coming true.

Maruti Alto | best selling car India

That said, actually if you wished to see how consistency can be the big marker for many to steer their game over the others, then look nowhere else but the automobile sector. That is when you think in terms of cars that have been on the roads for the longest-possible time and are still there.

Wagons that have dominated a contest like no other; market shares that are driven by a particular four-wheeler: call it the rage of the machine. Because unless and until you don’t picture the auto segment in terms of the greatest quality of them all- consistency- you cannot truly appreciate the whole picture.

Why are some cars successful than the others; what leads to some particular four-wheelers to chart their own destinies over and above those of the others? Chances are, if these are the critical questions that have arrested your mind space then you may not want to look anywhere else save Maruti Alto- the very brand that offers a fitting answer to some of the pertinent questions.

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Wondering why? At a time where many cars are entering the market at their own risk- contracting demands amid times of shrinking economic growth, turns out that there’s this one particular car that has sort of stood the annals of time.

And in so doing, the famous Maruti Alto – pretty much a household name in India- has emerged as the best-selling car of India. But is that all? Actually, nothing truly explains the success of the best-selling car of India other than understanding just how dominant a car has the Maruti Alto been.

In fact, for sixteen long years, this famous hot-seller, for honestly, there’s no other way to put it, has consistently outplayed the others in a bid to emerge as the best-selling car of India. Having said that, the way the tag of the best-selling car of India and Maruti Suzuki has panned out, it appears that the two have some sort of long lasting relationship.

Something like a bond of sorts that seems etched in permanence.

That being said, when was the first time that the famous decoration came to crown the renowned Maruti hot-seller? It turns out that it was back in 2004, where Maruti Suzuki’s Alto found itself on the top of the charts.

Anything from that point in time up until now is a tribute to the consistency of the car priced at INR 3.5 lakhs (as starting price).

The following are some key insights that have dominated the word of the print and digital publications in lines with the famous adage- the best-selling car of India:

In a press statement issued on Monday, Maruti Suzuki informed that the Alto has now been crowned India’s best-selling car for 16 years in a row. A preferred option for first-time car buyers, Alto has found tremendous favour – as much for its affordability as its mileage and decent specifications.

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The Alto became India’s best-selling car for the first time in 2004 – four years after being launched, and has never given up the crown since. By 2008, 10 lakh units of the vehicle had been sold and the number doubled to 20 lakh by 2012.

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