So a word of advice. As far as the summer seasons are concerned, kindly do not ever leave your hand sanitizer inside the car. In fact, be extra cautious especially when the car is hot and humid. This is so because one has to tread carefully because of a factor of unpredictability.

And just what is that unpredictability? Well, let’s just put it like that- it’s got to do with a combination of the elements that go in making the hand sanitiser and the condition of the car, given its temprature.

That being said, the simplest reason why you mustn’t leave a sanitiser inside the car especially when the car’s temperature is hot is because the product is meant to explode.

If in case you thought that this was something random and perhaps not even believable, then, well think again!

In fact, here’s what you need to know. In the course of the last few days there have been several instances where people from different geographies have shared stories on their individual stories regarding the strange happening whenever they’ve ended up leaving sanitiser in the car.

So what exactly happened there?

Well, if it was about one particular episode- then one would’ve considered it a random occurrence.

But it turns out that there have been different episodes wherein leaving behind a sanitiser in the car has led to the explosion of the same.

leaving sanitiser in the car

So it’s the time to sit back and take notice, and also act with caution.

This is no ordinary occurrence. Yet, at the same time it’s also important to get to the bottom of what can only be called a really bizarre occurrence.

In the words of a recent story published on the Hindustan Times, here’s what you need to pay attention to:

Recently, the fire department in Wisconsin, US issued an advisory explaining the potential danger of leaving sanitizers inside a hot car. The authority posted a picture of the damaged interior of a vehicle on social media, saying a bottle of sanitizer left in the car caused an explosion and the damage.

The post read, “By it’s nature, most hand sanitiser is alcohol-based and therefore flammable. Keeping it in your car during hot weather exposing it to the sun causing magnification of light through the bottle, and particularly being next to open flame while smoking in vehicles or grilling can lead to disaster. Please respect the possibilities and be fire safe.”

Now that being said, while it’s easily understandable that personal hygiene has been so important in recent times and that never since the Coronavirus lockdown has the need to act cautiously been so important- what’s the harm to act with more caution?

While we do not know when things might get normalized in the current context- the key lesson still is- simply carry the hand sanitizer wherever you go and do not leave it behind in the car.

The above also stands true for wherever you might be and wherever there may be a serious cause of concern owing to the Covid-19 epidemic.

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