Sotheby’s recently conducted one of the most fanciest and opulent online car auctions ever in the recent automobile history. It yielded in a famous 2003 model Ferrari Enzo being sold for a whopping INR 20 crore.

Ferrari Enzo

Let that sink in! 20 crore is not small amount. Even the one who disparagingly jumbles up the numbers can tell you that and you needn’t be told. But what’s important to note is that befittingly a brand as prestigious and eminent as Sotheby’s were involved in overseeing a deal that got a cracker of a response.

What would one get out of flattery.

But it mustn’t be forgotten that for the sheer numbers they draw in an average auction, a world-wide following constituting eminent personalities that make up the affluent lot- whether it’s top executives of leading corporate(s), renowned investors, private collectors, and individuals whose essence of style makes the term lifestyle enamoring- Sotheby’s must be admired.

In the recent past, they were also responsible for the auction of a one-of-a-kind article: famous French emperor Napoleon’s hat, one wearing which the great Bonaparte fought torrid wars, a part of an identity that sat upon the head of an admirably self-assured warrior-king.

How wonderful is that?

So it’s only wise and just that Sotheby’s oversaw an expansive affair involving a Ferrari Enzo- right?

The following is what a noted online auto news portal had to say about a sassy affair:

One such incredible rare car has been making a round of news as being the highest-priced car sold in an online auction. The former flagship model and LaFerrari’s pre-cursor, the Ferrari Enzo has been sold by RM Sotheby in an online auction breaking the record.

Of course, the interesting but understandable part of the entire affair was Sotheby’s engaging in a special online auction, since physical distancing is of immense importance in these times mired by the Coronavirus epidemic.

That being said, how difficult might it have been to remain physically distant for a product as ephemeral and alluring as a Ferrari Enzo 2003?

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One can only imagine- right!

That being said, what are the other details about the Ferrari V12 super sports car?

Here’s what may interest you, quoting from the above-mentioned portal:

Bearing chassis number 13303, the 2003 model year Ferrari Enzo managed to fetch a whopping $2.64 million (Rs 20 crore approx) during the Driving Into Summer auction and is now only at its third owner. The V12 supercar from Maranello has merely 1,250 original miles on the clock.

Incredible isn’t it.

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