Whenever we think of the richest people on our planet, we usually draw a picture of a man in a suit or something utterly basic, running some giant tech company. Somehow we have stereotyped power and money as a masculine trait, but that’s just not the scenario (at least 12% of it). According to a survey in the list of the top 100 richest people on the planet, the richest women in the world number came up to 12.

Alice Walton | World Richest Women
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Yes, we do understand that the number is super low and we still have a long way to go in terms of seeing more rich women on top positions of companies. However, there are some game-changers on the top that are paving the way for the rest of the talented and hardworking women to bring and implement the change. Let’s have a look at 5 of the richest women in the world and what they do?

5. Susanne Klatten – The Richest Women In The World 2020

The richest woman in Germany has a net worth of 24.3 billion dollars. She holds a degree in business finance and an MBA. Susan is the daughter of Herbert and Johanna Quandt. Her father Herbert was a legendary industrialist, who guided BMW to preeminence in the luxury market.

Susanne Klatten | Top 5 Richest Women In The World 2020

She inherited most of this wealth from her mother after her demise in 2016. Susan holds about 19% of stocks in automobile giant BMW. Klatten is the sole owner and deputy chairman of Altana, which pulls in more than $2.5 billion in annual sales.

4. Jacqueline Mars

This 80-year-old heiress and investor was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Having a net worth of 28.2 billion dollars she’s the third richest woman in the world. Her grandfather was Frank C Mars the founder of American Candy Company Mars incorporated. You would surely have eaten the Hershey’s chocolate bar or the Orbit gum – Mars incorporated owns them.

Jacqueline Mars | Top 5 Richest Women In The World 2020

The company was inherited from his father and then to her. She owns an estimated one-third of the chocolate company and worked for the company for nearly 20 years, serving as one the board of directors until 2016. She is a well-known philanthropist, serving six boards including at the Smithsonian and the National Archives.

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3. Maria Franca Fissolo – The Richest Women In The World 2020

This Italian billionaire has a net worth of 32.3 billion dollars and is officially one of the richest women in the world. She is a widow of Michele Ferrero who owned the Ferrero group before his demise in 2015. Maria owns the Ferrero Spa one of the leading confectionery names in Europe. Better known for its legendary spread Nutella and the Ferrero Rochers chocolate, kinder chocolates, and tic-tac. Currently, she has stepped down from the business front.

Maria Franca Fissolo | Top 5 Richest Women In The World 2020

2. Mackenzie Scott

Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world and after filing for divorce with his wife, Mackenzie Scott, she received a quarter of Bezos’ income. She is a philanthropist and author, as well as, a giant shareholder of Amazon’s profits. However, her income keeps on fluctuating since she’s very big on donating money consistently. The last reliable estimate, as of release of this article, of her net worth in 2020 was 53.9 billion USD.

Mackenzie Scott | Top 5 Richest Women In The World 2020

1. Alice Walton – The Richest Women In The World 2020

Crowned as the richest woman in the world Alicia Walton is a 70-year-old billionaire having a net worth of 64.5 Billion dollars. Alice is the only heiress of the founder of Walmart Sam Walton whose wealth was inherited by two of her siblings and herself. Rather than being a business person like her father and her siblings she’s more of an art curator.

Alice Walton | Richest Women in the World
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In 2011, she opened the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in her hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas. She bought her first painting at the age of 10 which was a replica of Picasso’s blue nude. Painting with watercolors was how she and her mother bonded. She’s also a philanthropist and as of January 2020, she took aim at America’s “broken” healthcare system and unveiled plans to open a holistic health institute in Bentonville.

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So these were the richest women in the world though, Alice wanton is the richest woman in the world still she’s on number 9 when it comes to the richest person list. All the 12 females in the top 100 list inherited their wealth from their families who owned big companies or via divorce.

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