The world has not been the same as earlier. Earlier if someone was the richest person in the world, he would remain the richest for a very long time. But now, the rankings change very quickly. So, Who is the richest person in the world today?

The richest people in the world have such an unspeakably large fortune that even the idea of it is incredible. We, the middle class, might feel happy earning in bits and pieces, but the real money flows through the hands of these people.

The majority of their multi-billion dollar fortune is made up of stocks and company shares. Share prices fluctuate constantly, changing the net worth of these billionaires. This list contains the names and rankings of the richest people in the world. The list is in Billion Dollars.

The individual positions of the richest people often differed only slightly. Thus, an increase or decrease in a stock exchange price can change the overall ranking. It is also striking that there are many Americans in the top positions on the list. The United States has the largest number of billionaires in the world and also represents the largest tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Oracle.

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So, here are The richest people in the world.

#NameAssets (US Dollars)Country
1Jeff Bezos116.63 BillionUnited States
2Bernard Arnault112.75 BillionFrance
3Bill Gates108.92 BillionUnited States
4Warren Buffett89.42 BillionUnited States
5Amancio Ortega78.22 BillionSpain
6Mark Zuckerberg77.56 BillionUnited States
7Larry Ellison66.71 BillionUnited States
8Carlos Slim Helu64.64 BillionMexico
9Larry Page61.8 BillionUnited States
10Sergey Brin59.58 BillionUnited States
11Mukesh Ambani59.43 BillionIndia
12Francoise Bettencourt Meyers & family58.3 BillionFrance
13Steve Ballmer57.69 BillionUnited States
14Michael Bloomberg57.1 BillionUnited States
15Jim Walton52.98 BillionUnited States
16Alice Walton52.71 BillionUnited States
17S. Robson Walton52.64 BillionUnited States
18Jack Ma43.64 BillionChina
19Ma Huateng43.24 BillionChina
20Charles Koch43.24 BillionUnited States
21Julia Koch & family43.24 BillionUnited States
22Sheldon Adelson40.49 BillionUnited States
23Phil Knight40.27 BillionUnited States
24David Thomson39.69 BillionCanada
25Francois Pinault38.81 BillionFrance
26MacKenzie Bezos37.08 BillionUnited States
27Beate Heister & Karl Albrecht Jr.36.68 BillionGermany
28Hui Ka Yan34.78 BillionChina
29Michael Dell31.31 BillionUnited States
30Tadashi Yanai30.32 BillionJapan
31Jacqueline Mars29.98 BillionUnited States
32John Mars29.98 BillionUnited States
33Lee Shau Kee29.13 BillionHong Kong
34Li Ka-shing28.96 BillionHong Kong
35Yang Huiyan27.65 BillionChina
36Elon Musk27.56 BillionUnited States
37Leonid Mikhelson27.17 BillionRussia
38Hey Xiangjian25.64 BillionChina
39Joseph Safra25.56 BillionBrazil
40Brothers Chearavanont25.41 BillionThailand
41Leonardo Del Vecchio25.06 BillionItaly
42Vagit Alekperov24.71 BillionRussia
43Laurene Powell jobs24.48 BillionUnited States
44Dieter Schwarz24.3 BillionGermany
45Vladimir Potanin23.84 BillionRussia
46Jorge Paulo Lemann23.63 BillionBrazil
47Gennady Timchenko22.84 BillionRussia
48Giovanni Ferrero22.22 BillionItaly
49James Simons21.71 BillionUnited States
50Colin Huang21.4 BillionChina
51Colin Zheng Huang21.28 BillionChina
52Vladimir Lisin21.1 BillionRussia
53Susanne Klatten21.07 BillionGermany
54Masayoshi Son21.02 BillionJapan
55Takemitsu Takizaki20.78 BillionJapan
56Alexey Mordashov20.61 BillionRussia
57R. Budi Hartono20.02 BillionIndonesia
58Michael Hartono19.86 BillionIndonesia
59Rupert Murdoch19.83 BillionUnited States
60William Ding19.81 BillionChina
61Len Blavatnik19.56 BillionUnited States
62Lee Kun-Hee19.27 BillionSouth Korea
63Stephen Schwarzman19.1 BillionUnited States
64Jim Simons19.02 BillionUnited States
65Chirathivat family18.97 BillionThailand
66Dietrich Mateschitz18.91 BillionAustria
67Stefan Persson18.82 BillionSweden
68Ray Dalio18.77 BillionUnited States
69Leonard Lauder18.67 BillionUnited States
70Lukas Walton18.37 BillionUnited States
71Stefan Quandt18.09 BillionGermany
72Klaus-Michael Kuehne17.87 BillionGermany
73Theo Albrecht, Jr.17.74 BillionGermany
74William Lei Ding17.55 BillionChina
75Dhanin Chearavanont17.55 BillionThailand
76Lee Man did17.19 BillionHong Kong
77Donald Bren17.05 BillionUnited States
78Alain Wertheimer17.05 BillionFrance
79Gerard Wertheimer17.05 BillionFrance
80Thomas Peterffy17.04 BillionUnited States
81Carl Icahn16.86 BillionUnited States
82Chalerm Yoovidhya & family16.76 BillionThailand
83Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi16.67 BillionThailand
84Petr Kellner16.46 BillionCzech Republic
85Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken16.43 BillionNetherlands
86Joseph Lau16.43 BillionHong Kong
87Zhang Yiming16.26 BillionChina
88Hinduja family16.22 BillionUnited Kingdom
89Mikhail Fridman16.17 BillionRussia
90Hasso Plattner15.96 BillionGermany
91Abigail Johnson15.94 BillionUnited States
92Dietmar Hopp15.88 BillionGermany
93Lui Che Woo15.83 BillionHong Kong
94German Larrea Mota Velasco15.76 BillionMexico
95Shiv Nadar15.71 BillionIndia
96Pallonji Mistry15.64 BillionIreland
97Eric Schmidt15.57 BillionUnited States
98Gina Rinehart15.55 BillionAustralia
99Zhang Yong15.33 BillionSingapore
100Pierre Castel & family15.31 BillionFrance

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