World Environment Day: 14 Alarming Facts About Our Environment

On World Environment Day, we’ve decided to bring out some 14 alarming facts about our environment.

We have only one earth and let’s face the fact, we’re treating it miserably. The worst that can be done to our environment is happening right now and the people who are fighting against it, are too small to catch the grenade that’s coming our way. There are some who don’t care about it, some who don’t believe in it and the number who is actually trying to save it, is too little to even take into consideration, but their fight is going strong and that matters. More and more people are coming together to change the condition of our planet and are doing their best to make people aware of all the possible threats our planet is facing.

Every year on 5th June, the entire planet celebrates World Environment Day and do their best for the environment.

This year’s theme for the World Environment Day is “Beat Plastic Pollution”. Plastic is one big threat to our planet and even though we all know about it, we still continue to use it everyday. This way, we’re not only risking our lives but are also risking our oceans and lives in it. Plastic is our planets enemy and this is high time that we think about using it again and again.

Here are some alarming and frightening facts about our environment which shows a much more agitating picture. These might help us in knowing more about our planet, as well as the clear reality of how much it’s suffering.

#1 Unsafe drinking water and poor santitation is killing our children.

World Environment Day 1

#2 Global Warming is real and it’s really affecting us. 

World Environment Day 5

#3 Air pollution is a big problem in our country. 

World Environment Day 3

#4 It’s time to take pollution seriously. 

World Environment Day 4

#5 Summers are becoming more adverse than ever. 

World Environment Day 6

#6 There are people who have never had safe and clean water to drink. 

World Environment Day 2#7 We’re killing our Earth. 

World Environment Day 9#8 Tragic. 

World Environment Day 7

#9 Water shortage has already started happening around the world. 

World Environment Day 11

#10 Huge population is one of the reasons behind the destruction of this planet. 

World Environment Day 8#11 Every freaking second. 

World Environment Day 10

#12 This is true. 

World Environment Day 12

#13 We’re killing our nature, one second at a time. 

World Environment Day 14#14 Plastic is our enemy. 

World Environment Day 13

5th June 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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