Are you happy with your professional life? No, that can’t be possible in India as no matter how hard you work, you are always expected to put in more efforts than before. Don’t we all are struggling to make our bosses happy? We do overtime, finish more projects than we can handle, take the mental stress, miss out on our personal lives, still, there is something missing always. Well, that’s what the case is. Every mediocre professional in India can completely relate to all of the above problems and even after that, we don’t get appreciated enough.

The working scenario in India differs from most of the countries and if you think you have had it enough then there are are some countries in the world where you can move to. Why?

Well, the work laws in these countries will make work sound interesting that you will willingly shift your base from India to any of these countries.

1. Germany

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While India is not getting over, Padmaavat ban, the government of Germany makes even ban looks like a sigh of relief. The government there feels that youth should not be grinded only in work instead they should live their life too. Germany has banned working on Saturdays completely.

2. Europe

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How many times have you been scolded for reaching office late? Given the fact that India is an overpopulated country and the traffic problem is a story of every city, one can’t help getting late sometimes. Well, Europe is kind enough to understand the problem. The ECJ (European Court of Justice ) two years ago ruled that all the time spent in traveling to work will be counted as working hours. That’s simply amazing.

3. Austria

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Basically, in Austria, one doesn’t have to look for reasons to take leave. The working population of this place is entitled to 22 days of paid vacation. If you have completed 25 years of employment, you can have more vacations. If you work on paid leave days, you get double pay.

4. Portugal

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Have you ever had nightmares that you are gonna get fired? Well, then Portugal would be the ideal place to move as employers here cannot fire their employees. Yes, you read it right. Unless an employee has given proper resignation and has been compensated with a fair retirement package, they just can’t fire someone. So much for dream workplaces huh?

5. The Netherlands

What's Obstructing Your Performance In The Office According To Your Zodiac Sign!We know what it means to have an extended weekend. Its value is equivalent to a boon of happiness. Well, if you happen to move to the Netherlands, you can enjoy extended weekend every week. The country has a four-day working week. This law has created to make a balance between professional life and personal life. Could you wish for something more?

6. Japan

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You can actually sleep during working hours. No one will stop you from taking a nap as in Japan people believe that it’s a sign of hard work and sleeping in between increases work efficiency. They have a name for this practice – Inemuri. So if you are someone who just can’t stop yawning during work hours, Japan should be the best place to move to.

7. Belgium

solo travellerHow would like to take off for an entire year and travel? Sounds impossible? Well, in Belgium you can actually leave your job and go on a vacation up to one year. This duration is called “career breaks” and the employees are paid all their wages for that period. It is considered as a healthy practice here. You can either go for one year or use these paid leaves in installments.

So are you planning to shift to another country or not? Well, there is no hurry, you can give it a thought whenever you want to.

Avni S. Singh

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