If you tend to think of it in this way, then you’ll always feel that on the one hand, there are the oppressors. And then, on the other hand, those who are victims; the marginalized, those who are oppressed. Having said that, it can also be a critical viewing point when you put the government in the category of the former and place the citizens or people in the latter.

But one must also remember (to not forget) that not all governments are oppressive and that not every part of the world is stymied by the existence of regimes. Of course not! But what happened recently in South Africa, as suggested by a woman who acted as a whistleblower, might shock you.

It doesn’t make anyone an Einstein to note the kind of atmosphere that’s descended on the earth amid the Coronavirus Pandemic! Even the most developed parts of the world have witnessed an endless stack of deaths, the current times throwing up this ‘second wave’ one thought would arrive not before October in 2020.

South Africa

Nonetheless, what matters at all times, is for government and administrations to act cautiously, not act callously, as suggested by this South Africa-bound whistleblower whose first-person account of noting several deaths in the winter cold needs to be addressed far more seriously.

A lady by the name of Jeannette Mlombo has stated that with South Africa in the grip of COVID-19, several suspected patients were routinely left for hours together in cold winter tents. The incidences actually led to many perishing due to the cold and unsparing suspected ‘hypothermia!’

If proven true, and at this point in time, it’s not even clear whether the concerned authorities would act in time, the occurrence would leave the southern African nation in cold.

The incident took place, as suggested by the lady, during the peak of the winter cold with the cases (owing to the pandemic) reaching unprecedented levels. A noted South African hospital is believed to be connected with the issue.

But on the positive side, South Africa’s government has indeed acknowledged that widespread corruption and mismanagement did lead to a loss of lives during the pandemic being in the peak stage which should have been avoided.

The developing story, however, continues to create widespread awareness in the country with new revelations pointing to utter neglect in the case. BBC, meanwhile reported an interesting story on the topic where one excerpt said it clearly: It was freezing in that tent. As soon as night falls it’s horrible, you can see the patients declining. Hypothermia is one of the major causes of death here. Especially in that tent.”

The same voice of reason, if it must be said, added, “We’re tired and sad and fearful for our patients. I ask myself how many people need to die unnecessarily for there to be an adequate investigation!”

But just imagine how far would a marquee-sized tent go to save patients, one erected just in time albeit in a lame manner in a car parking?

Further revelations only cut a distressing picture one may not know. And here’s quoting from the BBC story, “I felt very stressed, angry, [and] hopeless. The lack of resources in that tent is an absolute joke… disorganized havoc.

“We don’t have drugs. No ventilator equipment. There was PPE lying all over the place, waiting to infect more people,” said the doctor, who complained that a number of medical staff had caught the virus as a result of the conditions.”

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All of that said, there’s a reason why the whistleblower is feeling so disgruntled about the development. It wasn’t that far back in the day, where Mlombo lost her only son, aged 30, at the very place!

The question is- is South Africa really concerned about the loss of lives here?

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