Perhaps no other country in the world is as polarising as Israel, with all due respect to the Jewish homeland and its fervent critics. For a country that’s catapulted to scintillating technical and scientific heights, achieving the unthinkable is something Israel accomplishes often without breaking into a sweat.

At the same time, renowned for being embroiled in a constant state of geopolitical crisis, Israel often finds itself amid some controversy where either it is at a direct fault, causing loss of lives or finds itself being challenged by not so friendly Arab neighbors who’d do anything to ‘settle a score’ with the country.

You could be anyone- a harsh critic of the Israeli lobby in the US or a fan of its intelligence and military might- put Israel in the middle of a dull or damp sentence for all you care, and suddenly you’d find it all spicy and interesting.

Isn’t it?

Having said the above, one of the things that does concern the more than modestly well-read Israeli is the current Prime Minister Netanyahu’s stance on a number of issues. India’s good friend, an arch-nemesis to Iran and Iraq, someone whose real standing and belief in peace, particularly when it comes to Palestine isn’t known, what can be the other ways of describing Netanyahu?

That his wife was accused of using public money to feed to interests of her own ego and isn’t necessarily a beacon of honesty or simplicity often raises a curious brow one too many. And now, in a fresh controversy for the Netanyahu family, it appears that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s son has courted some storm.

Perhaps only the most ignorant in the world needs to be educated or be made aware of the constant state of tension that surrounds a vulnerable part of the Middle East that owing to the rivalry between the Jews and the Muslims often burns with great decay.

And the truth of the matter is that Netanyahu’s son being blocked from Facebook potentially has something to do with this ensuing tension.

Here’s what you ought to know.

Recently, Netanyahu’s son, Yair, had tweeted that his page was banned from Facebook for a good ’24 hours.’ The same, it has been found, occurred owing to ‘anti-muslim’ posts. But in the light of being banned for a day, Netanyahu’s son, the eldest of the siblings, wasn’t too happy.

And truth be told, this was expected- wasn’t it?

Calling Mark Zuckerberg’s social media platform-arguably, the most famous in the world- a ‘dictatorship’, Yair leveled criticism where he thought it belonged.

Having said that, didn’t his messages- all in an anti-muslim zest- truly warrant such a move? When you actually call for ‘all Muslims to leave Israel’ which is what Yair Netanyahu did, what kind of a treatment does one expect in the end?

And on top of that, this isn’t all that Yair Netanyahu did.

He also shared publically on Facebook that the only part of the world where there are no Muslims are regions such as Japan and Iceland. This is where he was of the view, there are no attacks.

Now that told, what do you citizens of the modern world- one rallying for the idea of liberty, human rights, and true democracy- think of Yair Netanyahu’s move?

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