Are the days of acrimony over? Have we already seen the worst of the diplomatic dead-lock, and are better days ahead soon? Will there no longer be those familiar cold-vibes and that diplomatic standoff between two ideologies that, thus far, have behaved contrarily to peace? What is slated to happen to Israel and its ties to the familiar Arab states in the days to come may actually give economists, researchers, scholars, and social-scientists a refreshing change in familiar narrative.

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Well, it’s not our claim; it’s what the changing winds of a divergent Middle East pointing to, at least, at this point in time. So the key question is- what is that radically different idea that seems to suggest that better days are on the horizon of Israel’s ties with several of its Arab states in the Middle East stymied by bloodbath and violence?

In order to understand the gravity of change, a change that has the potential to alter the course of countless lives in Middle East, it appears that it’s pertinent to understand the observations of President Trump’s Senior Adviser, Jared Kushner.

So what does the 39-year-old Livingston, New Jersey-born Trump adviser have to say in this matter?

Firstly, before we head into his personal observations, lines riddled with unbridled optimism that are making headlines around the world right now, it’s important to note the common narrative, and it’s that it is quite logical to note that the ties between Israel and as many as 22 Arab States could improve once and for all, in the days ahed.

Although, how ‘soon’ will that actually be, we are yet to see!

In a detailed report shared with worldwide media, Jared Kushner happened to share some telling developments taking place in the current Middle-East:

Let’s hope it’s months,” he said when asked whether it could take years or months to see the fourth Arab state normalising relations with Israel, without revealing what country it could possibly be.

Obviously anything could happen, but the reality is that a lot of people are envious of the move that the United Arab Emirates has made,” he added.

“A lot of people want access to the technology, economy, and the advancements that Israel has. Israel is like another Silicon Valley for the Middle East.”

Moving on, it’s believed at the heart of the much-wanted transformation in the Middle East, rests the fourth Arab State that could mend its ties with Israel. Recently, the smoothening of ties or say, bettering of the relationship between the Jewish heartland and the Arab-Gulf made lots of globetrotting headlines.

But a critical step toward the remainder of the Arab States improving their ties with Israel will rest with the Netanyahu-led country agreeing to suspend the annexation of the West Bank, often a point of diplomatic strife and standoff between the Arabs and the Jews.

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But reaching the new ground on this widely-debated (actually, a highly polarising subject) area will only be possible in the times to come, there being no chance of immediate talks or normalization.

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