The world needs no introduction about the state of Israel’s defense preparedness. Neither does the world need to be sermonized in the wake of informing it about the state of vigilance practiced by Israel. This is a country that planted an Israeli operative in the neighboring Syria for years, an instance that birthed the legend of the great Eli Cohen. Even when it comes to medical prowess, Israel’s had more discoveries and inventions than there are camels in Saudi Arabia!

In some ways, there’s nothing untoward about the belief that Israel is a lion that sleeps with one eye open: ever-prepared and cautious beyond any barometer in existence about the sovereignty of its state, dominion, and its people!

And one senses this ebullient and charismatic Israeli spirit to create and serve in the light of a recent development that has birthed a breaking news development that finds at its heart- a certain Israeli hospital.

So the question is- why, of all things, is an Israeli hospital making news around the world?

Well, if you may not have noted then it helps to know that among the leading stories at this time (early February) has an Israeli hospital with believably a groundbreaking development in regards to the existing malaise that’s gripped the world in its hold: the Coronavirus pandemic!

Apparently, an Israeli hospital claims to have discovered a cure for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic- you read it right!

And where more news updates stand, then it’s also being reported that the trials (basis this cure) have a success rate as high as 96 per cent!

What’s happening, just what is going on?

It’s being told that the researchers associated with Tel Aviv-based Ichilov hospital have worked out a COVID 19 drug EXO-CD24, has seen no fewer than 29 out of 30 trail patients actually recovering from COVID!

Did you even think such a piece of news would strike your eyes today?

But guess what? The astonishing high rate of success isn’t alone making news and thus highlighting the said Israeli hospital as a key entity in the fight against the global pandemic.

There’s something more.

What’s rather interesting to note is that the same drug that is being given to fight the pandemic is actually (originally) being used as a cancer-treatment drug.

A recent report focusing on the issue in greater detail was published on the famous digital platform for unbiased journalism- The Print. The said piece of reportage said the following:

Called EXO-CD24, it is a targeted drug that was being developed as a cure for cancer for the past few years.

Professor Nadir Arber from Ichilov Hospital’s Integrated Cancer Prevention Center, who has also been part of the drug’s development, said that the hospital had tested the medication on Covid-19 patients in serious and moderate condition.

Out of the 30 patients who were administered EXO-CD24, 29 showed an improvement in two days and were discharged from the hospital within three to five days. One patient took longer to recover.

But even the above doesn’t explain fully as to all that’s trending in the Middle East with regards to Israel’s COVID drug discovery.

So what is one to think- is there something yet more than what one knows on the issue?

Well, yes!

Apart from the above mentioned Tel Aviv-based hospital, there’s another medical facility which claims to have found a cure for COVID 190.

Now, truth be told, if you still don’t find the development in the Israeli hospital interesting, then it’s no-one’s fault.

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The Hadassah Medical Centre in Jerusalem happens to be the other medical science centre that claims to have found a solution to the troubling COVID 19 crisis.

So there we go on then!

How can it ever be an uninteresting or uneventful day here in Israel?

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