Death is a sad yet very true experience, something that will eventually get every one of us, but the real sadness lies in the time when it takes one away. The world is constantly losing some of its best people and no matter how hard we try, in the end, memories are the only things that are left we one.

The same could be said about Keyboard Cat, whom the world lost recently. Now, if you don’t exactly know who the Keyboard Cat is, let’s bring back the memory or introduce you to one of the first memes of the Internet, that blew everyone’s mind.

Keyboard Cat became one of the internet’s earliest memes, having been made famous nearly a decade ago with a YouTube video of some masterful work on the keyboard. This cat was not merely just a cat who plays Keyboard but was actually more like a cultural icon who was loved and appreciated for his talent with the Keyboard notes.

Keyboard Cat died on March 8, at age of nine and even though he lived a short life, it indeed was a meaningful one where he never failed to put a smile on everyone’s face with his skills.

Charlie Schmidt, his owner and the person responsible for the videos, paid a moving tribute to Keyboard Cat with a video. Check it out here:

The first video of Keyboard Cat found fame in 2007. However, it should be noted that this Keyboard Cat was not Bento (the original one) but rather Fatso, the feline Schmidt previously owned. Fatso found fame in 2007 after Schmidt uploaded VHS tapes shot in 1984 on YouTube. But Bento proved to be just like Fatso and was amazing at his Keyboard skills.

His demise has brought the real fans of Keyboard Cat to mourn their loss, here are some of the tweets.

Whatever it may be, the world would indeed miss one of the earliest memes on the Internet.

Jyotsna Amla

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