The 10 fastest trains in the world are an excellent alternative to local transport services in terms of speed, service and ride comfort. And if travelling is important, you’ll want to do it fast. Besides, train travel always brings a certain joy and a feeling of spaciousness compared to flights. If you need to get somewhere faster, the new generation of express trains is certainly of interest to you.

We bring you the 10 fastest trains in the world.

#1 of the 10 fastest trains in the world: China’s ‘Harmony Express’

China's 'Harmony Express'

Technology giant China leads the fast train ranking with the CRH 380 A and CRH 380 B trains. The super-fast passenger trains can get up to 350 KM/H. With an average speed of 317 KM/H, the CRH 380 trains, hailing under the programmatic name ‘Harmony Express’, travel through an excellently developed high-speed rail network from Shanghai.

2. TGV Duplex – The fastest European

TGV Duplex
Bonjour La France

With an average speed of 271 KM/H and the top speed of 320 KM/H, the double-decker French TGV duplex of the railway company SNCF from Paris to Lyon is the second fastest train in the world. It offers comfortable space and a high level of service for up to 545 passengers.

3. RENFE 103 – Spanish speed and elegance

RENFE s103

With an average speed of 269 KM/H, the trains of the Spanish RENFE 103 series produced by Siemens ‘Velaro E’ are just slightly slower than the TGV Duplex. An AVE 103 train drove 2006 with 403.7 KM/H creating a world record.

4. Shinkansen – Japan’s Rail Pride


It runs on eight high-performance routes with an average speed of 263 KM/H. The Shinkansen with the highest speed of up to 320 KM/H, connects many important cities in Japan.

5. THSR 700-T – Taiwan’s Island Lightning


With the average of 256 KM/H and a maximum speed of 300 KM/H, the THSR 700-T from Taiwan is designed after the model of Japan’s Shinkansen trains and is the 5th on the list of 10 fastest trains in the world.

6. TGV – Belgium


The SNCF with the maximum speed of 300 KM/H, links Charles de Gaulle Airport with Brussels. It takes just one hour and 13 minutes with an average speed of 239 KM/H on the 291-kilometre route.

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7. Italo AGV – The Red Italian

 Italo AGV

It is called the Italian Ferrari on tracks. Produced in the French TGV, the Alstom high-speed railcar Italo AGV hisses with a speed of up to 300 KM/H through Italy. Its average speed is 232 KM/H.

8. ICE 3 – The German Technology


For a distance of 143 km, from Frankfurt to Bonn, the train can travel up to 330 KM/H. ICE 3 needs less than 40 minutes with an average speed of 212 KM/H.

9. KTX – The South Korean TCV version


On the lines, Seoul – Busan and Gwangju – Mokpo, the TGV variant ‘Korean Train Express (KTX) with an average speed of 221 KM/H and a maximum speed of 300 KM/H, provides for a rapid connection.

10. The Turkish HT 65000

The Turkish HT 65000

The list of the 10 fastest trains in the world is completed by the Turkish HT 65000. The train is also produced by the market leader Alstom and reaches a cruising speed of 206 KM/H with a maximum speed of 250 KM/H.

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If you ever get an opportunity to travel by any of the 10 fastest trains in the world, don’t miss it. It will be an experience of a lifetime to travel at such high speeds on land.

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