If you ask any newly wed couple, where would they like to go for their honeymoon? They will unreluctantly say – Switzerland.

Switzerland is not only known internationally for its neutral foreign policy, but it is one of the most famous travel destinations around the world. You will find untouched landscapes, idyllic mountain villages and original traditions in addition to a state-of-the-art industry, bustling metropolises and fashionable winter sports resorts in Switzerland.

We bring you the 10 most beautiful travel destinations in Switzerland.

1. Lake Lucerne – The most beautiful backdrop

Lake Lucerne - Top Travel Destination
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Lake Lucerne is rightly one of the most fascinating lakes in Switzerland. It has Mild sea climate paired with fjord landscapes as in Norway. The bathing places like Gersun and Weggis provide enough variety. The lake can also be wonderfully explored by sailboat or along the numerous hiking trails around the lake. For those who are comfortable, it is best to ride a historic steamship that connects the most important places along the waterfront. It is undoubtedly the best amongst others in the list of 10 most beautiful travel destinations in Switzerland.

2. Lucerne – The most beautiful city in Switzerland

Lucerne City switzerland
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Old town alleys from the 14th century, a defiant tower in the middle of the water, two historic wooden bridges, a lot of Renaissance, significant Baroque, Lake Lucerne and behind it a chain of snow-capped peaks, this City has it all. It is commonly said that when God distributed the wealth of the world, Lucerne got quite a lot of it.

3. Jungfraujoch – The highest railway in the world


As the central region of Switzerland, it offers all the natural wonders of the country. A train ride to the Jungfraujoch is the true summit of all high altitude excursions. At 3,470 meters, the Jungfraujoch railway station is the world’s highest and, of course, one of the most famous excursion destinations in Switzerland for more than a century. It is a must do amongst the list of 10 most beautiful travel destinations in Switzerland.

4. Stein am Rhein – Beautiful and peaceful town

Stein am Rhem
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Stein am Rhein is a town at the outlet of the river Rhine from Lake Constance. If you want to enjoy the idyllic atmosphere, you will find numerous cafes and restaurants all around which overlook the town hall and the townhouses.

5. Basel – The museum city

Basel - The Museum City

The third largest city in Switzerland is primarily associated with the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. After all, the global corporations Novartis and Hoffmann-La Roche are headquartered here. The cultural metropolis in the border triangle has almost 40 museums, some of them even have a worldwide reputation.

6. Bern – Swiss capital

Bern- Swiss Capital
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The capital of Switzerland was able to preserve its architectural heritage like no other. The old town is surrounded by the Aare River on three sides in a peculiar loop. Thanks to its closed assembly of medieval houses, it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

7. Geneva – The city of peace

Peace city- Geneva
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With 179,000 inhabitants, the smallest metropolis in the world is the second largest city in Switzerland, but internationally, one of the most important world cities with an international flair. Geneva is also known as the City of Peace because the United Nations headquarters and the Museum of the Red Cross are based here.

8. Rhine Falls

Rhine falls
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About Four kilometers from Schaffhausen, the waters of the Rhine falls roar down 150 meters. The huge natural spectacle is the largest waterfall in Europe.

9. Zug – the Swiss tax haven

Greater zurich area

The smallest canton in Switzerland is considered a tax haven. Therefore, a whole range of corporations and celebrities settle in Zug or carry a mailbox address. Zug has the highest per capita income in Switzerland.

10. Sustenpass – The most beautiful alpine road in Switzerland

Susten Pass

The Sustenpass is a real challenge for anyone who chooses to drive upon it. But the attractive landscape compensates for the challenging route. The steep, serpentine-like roads leads over 26 bridges and just as many tunnels to the pass. The Sustenpass, which is considered a ‘heavy alpine pass’, is a section of the Alps Brevet cycling marathon.

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If you are planning to take the nest vacation to a whole new level, visit Switzerland. And be sure not to miss all the places amongst the 10 most beautiful travel destinations in Switzerland.

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