Europe certainly happens to be one of the most scintillating, absorbing and enigmatic of all the continents on the face of the earth. It’s home to a checkered history that affects, this day, the political climate and the geopolitical situations of the world. Implicit in Europe’s history is, in a way, the history of much of the world. The 44-nation strong continent might be desperate in search of a way to end the economic pressure that’s seeping its spirit but there’s never really a dull day here. Recently, an interesting study uncovered the safest city in Europe.

Amsterdam Europe | Safest City In Europe

So, if in case, you too are wondering as to which city happens to be the safest city in (all of) Europe, then well, find out about it here.

To the surprise of many, it appears that Amsterdam is the safest city in Europe. Now usually, when one hears about Amsterdam- arguably among the most beautiful and charming of all cosmopolitan destinations in Europe- then the mind instantly conjures colorful images of its swanky hotels, mesmerizing bars, unusual museums, and even the colorful art galleries.

And truth be told, there is more to the city known for its vibrant (and legal) red-light district than just the open culture of marijuana consumption.

It’s a city that is keen to adopt a thriving culture of electric cars, come the year 2030, by which it (hopefully) would’ve banned all petrol and gasoline-powered cars.

But the recent survey shed more light on how Amsterdam happens to be the safest city in Europe. Interestingly, before we delve into the details, it is also worthwhile to know that Amsterdam is the 4th overall safest city in the whole world.


A report published in The Netherlands Times happened to explore some interesting insights pertaining to the city:

The researchers scored a total of 60 cities on 57 indicators covering the four “pillars” of safety. Digital security covered indicators like a city’s privacy policy, citizens’ awareness of digital threats, whether it has dedicated cybersecurity teams, and the risk of local malware threats.

Infrastructure security looked at indicators like transport and traffic safety, pedestrian friendliness, disaster management, and the reliability of the road- and power network.

Health security looked at environmental policies, access to healthcare, access to safe food, air, and water quality, and life expectancy. And personal security looked at police engagement, available crime data, gun regulation and enforcement, and the effectiveness of the criminal justice system. 

Based on Amsterdam’s scores, it seems that infrastructure security is the easiest to achieve, while health security is the most difficult. Infrastructure security is the security pillar in which Amsterdam got both its highest score and lowest ranking in 16th place. Health security was Amsterdam’s lowest score and highest ranking (4th place) among the four pillars.

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The above told, let’s find out about the other safe cities on our planet. Tokyo, it ought to be told, happens to be the safest city overall, ranked #1.

It is followed by Singapore- the business-friendly and highly cosmopolitan city in the heart of South Asia. Starring with an overall score of 91.5, Singapore only barely lags behind Tokyo (92).

Moreover, Osaka (in Japan) has a score of 90.9, which is followed by Amsterdam and then, Sydney(87.9).

But it must be said that not only is the city of Amsterdam among the cleanest in all of Europe, that it offers infrastructure dependability, as well as digital safety, may surely help further help up the spike in its overall tourism figures.

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