Usually when one thinks about arguably the most beautiful and ravishing country on the face of the earth, then one just doesn’t think of anything beyond its majestic snow-peaks, industrious chocolate factories, luscious and green valleys, all of which exude a sense of timelessness. One doesn’t really think about the state of public transport in Switzerland when talking about one of the friendliest and most widely visited countries on the whole of the globe. Right?

Public Transport In Switzerland
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Well, it appears that all of that might change sooner than later. The reason? Here we go then!

Pay After Travel

It appears that among the most lucrative aspects of everyday life in the famous mountainous European country is public transport in Switzerland. And this is for a rather intriguing reason.

Soon, it appears that Switzerland will become the first-ever nation in the whole world that will allow the commuters to use it’s intricate system of public transport first and pay for the same later.

Yes, you read that minus any kind of mistake and you’ve just got to believe it.

It appears that from the year 2020, which is well, just a few months down the line, all public transportation systems in all of Switzerland will allow users to first complete their journey, i.e., make their travel and pay for the same later.

Switzerland Public Transport

So to put it simply, commuters using the public transport in Switzerland won’t have to buy a first-hand ticket before commencing on their journeys.

Among the leading news portals in all of Switzerland- The Local. CH- provided the following piece of information that has, undoubtedly, got everyone talking:

Following successful testing carried out since 2018, national public transport tariff network CH-direct announced that the system will be fully unveiled throughout Switzerland in 2020, without specifying in which month.

Smartphone Travel App

Public transport users across the country will no longer need to buy cardboard tickets beforehand or have cash on them with which to pay for a ride.

Instead, they will have the choice of using their smartphones to submit their trips online before they begin the journey and clock out when they get off. If they forget, the transport app they choose to use will remind them to swipe out.

Travelling In Switzerland By Public Transport
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Nearly 90,000 public transport users in Switzerland have made the switch to “post price ticketing” since 2018, considering it a more comfortable and slightly cheaper way to travel, which also allows for spur-of-the-moment trips. 

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Currently, automatic ticketing as an option is available with several applications including- BLS, Fairtiq, SBB, Zurcher, as well as TCS.

But just imagine the huge benefit that the system of public transport in Switzerland is planning to bring about for the users? Won’t that be- to put it correctly- revolutionary, in a way? It appears that one will see a huge upshift in long-distance and local trains as well as the bus journeys in the serene mountainous country in the times to come.

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