Think of molten cheese, irresistible fondue, a pure chocolatey taste, a warm hot cup of chocolate, captivating murals amid lush green grasslands, banking might, colorful cantons and, Jungfraujoch and think of Switzerland- isn’t it?

But, hey, wait. There’s more.

Now, think of pop-up hotels and think of Switzerland too. Believe it or not, one among the growing trends in everyone’s favorite destination to settle down is the attractive culture of pop-up or very simply say temp hotels.

In case you are looking out for festival camping, temporary accommodations, and are interested in budget travel then well, pop-up hotels might be the thing for you.

In fact, so incessant has been the craze for pop-up hotels in the country that the Switzerland tourism board has gone on to establish new pop-up hotels in 11 cities. The entire premise of establishing these temporary residences for guests is for visitors to bunk in or sleep in at places that are unusual, out of the ordinary; those that haven’t really been explored before.

And that said- if one were to witness the contemporary culture of travel- then it won’t be really hard to find a burgeoning number in the global travel estimates, each year. More and more people have increasingly begun travelling and exploring the world out of their immediate periphery than ever before.

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It won’t be hard to construe that there’s the global tourism industry, that clearly flourishes around the world has been evidencing a monumental rise, particularly in the last 1-2 decades. People travel in groups, most prefer sticking out with families and partners. There’s always been a trend of hitting the road and often, faraway journeys in large herds along with friends.

Everyone’s travelling nowadays if you thought about it. Young couples, girlfriends together, boy bands, student exchange programs are catching up- there’s a hell lot of travel. But that said- maybe, not that comforting bandwidth of money on everyone. So what does this lead to? Well, obviously budget travel.

Hence, there’s a growing popularity in the concept of pop-up hotels. So, it is only naturally befitting for a country so well attuned to the concept of travel and tourism to capitalize on the growing trend.

At present, the pop-up hotels are very much a part of the Switzerland tourism program. They are helping by putting a thrust on tourism, a constant flux of which is always rising in Switzerland. Allowing the tourists to experience the magnificent grandeur and opulence of Swiss cities, the pop-up hotels are also indicating a paradigm shift in the way Western Europe along with the rest of the world is catching up to embrace a new shift.

A popular example of the above is the Bellinzona, hidden away in Switzerland’s Castlegrande Castle. Even Vevey is offering a new, plush pop-up stay experience. One simply can’t imagine the sheer variety of places that a tourist can park himself in today.

Whether it’s a floating room over a famous river, even a prison tower, interesting winter activities or a secret boathouse- tourists are today getting a chance to experience cities like they previously hadn’t. After all, staring down at snow-capped mountains, admiring the jovial beauty of the famous Swiss Alps, piercing through bright sunny rays of a very Switzerland sun through the opulence or grandeur of showy, glitzy hotels may not be the only idea of relishing a country the world truly admires.

Giving a new breather of life to a very Swiss way of admiring urbanity, the pop-up hotels that are ever a growing clout in Lucerne, Geneva, Grindelwald, Zurich and other cities are sort of newly reviving the hitherto usual lens of perceiving tourism. Isn’t it?

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