It’s the continent of light, glamour and hope. But they are calling Europe hell on earth. Perhaps, this term, complicated and painful that it may sound, may have seemed true back in time.

Perhaps, the last time that one may have called Europe a hell on earth would have been in the Second World War. Who can forget the atrocity of that time? Perhaps, it won’t be incorrect to suggest that the torrid phase still reverberates around the world.

But where the contemporary era stands, Europe is being challenged by a heat-wave, one of a peril danger, something hitherto-seen or experienced in its history.

Climatologists have suggested and informed that the famous continent is about to embrace the hottest-ever day sometime in the imminent future. With temperatures expected to rise up to 50 degrees Celsius, one doesn’t know what the future holds for Europe.

It suffices to say with such atrocious heat engulfing the famous continent that’s been a home to icons like Louis the Fourth, Bismarck, Churchill, Lenin, Rommel, Einstein- these are indeed challenging times for the continent that holds around two-thirds of the planet’s wealth.

Popular British journal Mirror, alarmed by the current developments suggested the following:

The Met Office says temperatures will soar in parts of Britain, and Spain and Portugal could be hit by the most extreme heatwave ever in continental Europe. The continent’s hottest-ever day could well be just around the corner and poses a direct risk of thwarting peace and general well-being.

Recently, famous Indian cricket commentator, Harsha Bhogle said in a lighter vein that when he was in London recently, he returned back with a tan. That wasn’t something he would’ve expected nor had experienced back in the past. It’s a standing testimony to the fact that the times are changing.

We keep hearing every day that the times are changing. And that, the weather is not the same anymore. Quite parallel to the freewheeling usage of the phrase hot, that is what the weather is becoming too. It’s strange, it’s complicated and it indicates a changing dimension.

Maybe, mankind has to just straighten its spine and perhaps embrace the worst that is in store.

Around this coming weekend, temperatures around Spain and Portugal are expected to be searing and hot. The worst news is that the temperatures might even exceed 50 degrees Celsius. Who saw something like that a few years before.

Probably there may not be a better time to embrace the simple, self-evident truth that nothing is what it seems; probably that the tides are changing and who knows- for the worse.

Mirror uk

While on the one hand, Europe seemed clearly flummoxed by a rising wave of air pollution with the concern of a negative growth rate in the economy as well as population evidencing a nosedive, it doesn’t help to note that the climate is only worsening by the tick of the clock.

Even famous and popular tourist destinations like the charming metropolitan city of London have embraced the worsening change. It is reported that a temperature in the plus of 30 isn’t the norm, nor has ever been. But none of that may remain intact.

Mirror uk

Here’s what Mirror had to add in regards with the current “hot” topic:

Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill said the mercury was likely to reach the high 20s and low 30s again, adding that despite the more comfortable temperatures in recent days “it is not the end of the hot weather for the summer”.

Temperatures could climb back up to 31C in London this weekend, with sunshine returning to most of the country.

The north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland will enjoy temperatures in the mid-20s, with scatterings of rain.

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