A country that is, at its heart, that part of Nordic wonderland that’s about as amazing as the best-sounding fairytale that your grandmother recited in your childhood only for you to disappear into your dreams, Finland enchants just as much as it attracts. Then just imagine what happens when you take to the flight in your dreams?

Perhaps it may not be incorrect to suggest that the bewilderingly beautiful landscape you encounter in deep sleep is what Finland is made of in terms of its fantastic lakes, gorges, snow-peaks and, glorious sleds.

There’s something unique about the way the Finns live. At the outset, their lives might even seem a bit dull given the sheer cool climatic condition of their nation that often subjects them to being only amid sauna and spa, there’s tons of excitement in a country that cannot live without its kicks.

And in order to make the most out of their lives, where it comes to deriving the subliminal experience in life, partaking in extreme sports, particularly those involving motor-sports is often a must. Isn’t it?

Having said that, not everything about the Finns is only restricted to tons and tons of booze, partying, motorsports, participating in cross-country rally drives and being a true beacon of the idea of being self-content and at peace. There’s a lot more.

Truth be told it’s quite spectacular how utterly caring and passionate the Finns are about raising their babies. Having said that, many might conclude that for a country whose population- according to most stat-backed sites- is not even 6 million, according to 2018 figures, that’s normal and obvious.

Isn’t it? Finnish babies, in that regard, are exceptionally well taken care of. And when it comes to celebrating life, for parents, nothing could matter quite as much the Finnish babies.

Here’s what you ought to know.

It’s pretty interesting to note that when they are born, the Finnish babies are actually parceled in boxes. Did you ever expect that kind of thing? And why one earth- it’s only natural to be compelled to ask- would such a thing happen?

So why exactly are the Finnish babies actually parcelled in boxes? This box basically is no ordinary baby box. This is a box that comes crammed with everything that a baby needs. Having said that, each baby born in Finland is entitled to something like that. It’s a basic right and one that’s actually of foremost importance where the baby’s care and parental concern stands.

What’s most exciting is that this special baby box comes with a fitted bed embedded into the structure of the squarish structure. The baby can be comfortably snuggled into one. In Finland, this is more like a tradition, truth be told.

Modern parents cannot seem to imagine their lives without one.

This lovely historic Finnish tradition is sacrosanct with the mothers’ need in the sense that its part of their entitlement for the past eighty odd years or something.

According to exact figures pertaining to the Finnish labor museum, The first-ever baby box in Finland was dispatched to mothers in the 1930s. But that was only because of a weakened economic state of affairs back then.

Since 1949, all Finnish parents- regardless of their economic standing- are handed out one.

The infant can be made to swing inside this box. A set of nappies can be stored in there too. The feeling of getting a baby box in Finland is, in fact, so liberating that according to some women, it’s a reminder that the Finnish society is one that is stranger to the concept of social inequality.

Mothers are delighted, in general, with the Finnish babies getting their own boxes because it reminds them of something they happen to share as a commonality with their mothers. The BBC recently made an interesting video story on the same. Check it out.

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