Tell you what! You may be in for a massive surprise given the number of deaths in the UK due to Coronavirus. In fact, to some it may come across as one heck of a shocker. For frankly speaking, there’s just no other way to talk about the situation.

UK Coronavirus Toll

At this point in time, here’s what the BBC has shared on the matter of the exact death count, never a pretty term ever:

A total of 30,076 people have now died in hospitals, care homes and the wider community after testing positive for the virus, up by 649 from Tuesday.

Now, that being said- if you thought that the epicenter of the Coronavirus in all of Europe was still Italy or France, where there have been so many deaths in the past given weeks, then either you are not in sync with reality or it could just be that you need a broader understanding of just what is happening out there.

At this point in time, all of Europe is head to toe buried in what turns out to be a rather telling statistic, one that should concern not only the country that has only just received the worst-hit during these times, but other nations too.

deaths in the UK due to Coronavirus
Source: BBC

Well, it appears that as many as 30,000 deaths in the UK due to Coronavirus have already been confirmed. If anyone was looking for a bright piece of news, then surely, looking at this direction doesn’t help anyone at all.

That’s a serious number, isn’t it? What do you make of it?

It makes sense to contend with a simple reality that the continent has seen better days, as has Her Majesty’s Kingdom, of which it’s commonly said that the ‘sun never sets on the British Empire”.

In that regard, it is only fair that the country sticks it out together expecting better days to pan out in what lies ahead. The NHS, as it turns out, have been hailed as the heroes, and rightly so, during this collective moment of grief for together with the country’s renowned healthcare system, the medical workers are the one’s who have been grinding it out for the longest possible time.

In fact, one understood the depth of their contribution when the recent ‘fit-again’ Prime Minister Mr. Boris Johnson reached out to the NHS workers, hailing them as ‘heroes’ who, ‘saved my life,’ the PM crediting the famous National Healthcare System for giving him a new lease of life.

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That said, nowhere can one say that the deaths in the UK due to Coronavirus suggest that things should be taken lightly. And the BBC had more on this when it shared the following:

The UK now has the second-highest number of recorded coronavirus deaths in the world, behind the United States that has more than 70,000 currently.

Experts have warned that it could be months before full global comparisons can be made.

Each country also has different testing regimes, with Italy conducting more tests than the UK to date.

So wherever one sees or looks, it appears that the boiling question at this point in time is this: just why are the casualties, or as they say, the ‘number’s so high as in the case of the United Kingdom? Just what is going on?

And does this mean, therefore, that no longer will one expect for the stringent lockdown to be eased out in the immediate future? Questions- there are many, but answers- at present, only a few.

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