No singing in German churches at the moment! Not a newspaper headline, but the truth in the heart of Western Europe.

Churches In Germany
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Well, sounds rather strange or awful, doesn’t it? What do you think? But here’s the truth. No singing in German churches, yes! That is pretty much the order of the day.

Philosophically speaking, that is what the house of the great almighty would desire too, don’t you think? Peace and quiet! Who doesn’t like that? Maybe, the powers that be have only this in mind and no other thing. Maybe it’s only fair that where it stands, it makes sense to have no singing in German churches.

After all, that’s the truth in the post-Coronavirus lockdown world in the mighty economic bustle called Germany.

Where the rules are concerned, then this is the order of the day. If you happen to visit the church or are planning to, well, whatever it is, you cannot do so in the absence of a face-mask.

And above all- do not sing. Maintain order, decorum and sing in mind’s rhythm of blissful silence. Heaven’s not far here on earth when we show obeisance to the way the lord desires it.

It also makes a lot of sense. When we open our mouth, we do engage unknowingly in the process of either exchanging microbes, transmitting bacterial infection and who knows, what all? Right?

So is it worth taking the risk, especially having seen what just transpired a few weeks back?

As it is, Europe has been at the heart of the most calamitous destruction waged by the global epidemic called the Coronavirus. Why take any more chances? We have to learn our lessons from Italy and Spain. Look at France! The healthcare emergency, it appears, has been extended until July the 24th.

Germany would want to tread carefully. So while it has allowed for churches to operate normally, as they did back then, the simple demand the country has of its denizens is to respect simple rules.

Guess what? These aren’t that difficult to follow.

The fact is while not all churches have opened so far, a lot have opted for change, opening this last Sunday.

That said, here is what the leading media platform from Deutschland had for the public’s notice and adherance:

Worshippers will have to wear masks, respect social distancing, and no singing will be allowed amid fears that it spreads the virus more easily.

Cologne Cathedral, Europe’s largest church and Germany’s most visited landmark, has planned a special ceremony for friends of the church. Workers, choir members, lay readers and altar boys were invited to a ceremony of only 122 people in the enormous medieval cathedral which normally received 20,000 visitors a day.

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So is that all? Are there any other rules to be followed except no singing in German churches?

Well, yes! An important one, if it must be put that way.

As well as extra hygiene requirements, people must abide by the social distancing regulations that require members of the congregation to sit in designated seats 1.5 meters apart. All physical contact is forbidden, doing away with the traditional “well-wishing” handshake that makes up part of the Catholic ceremony.

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