In the imminent future, one of the key pre-requisites at any Berlin office would be to wear a face mask. Not a random piece of news; a confirmed update currently making news on most European platforms. The official requirement on the part of the current government in Germany also puts an end to the rumors whether or not wearing a face mask at offices in Berlin is a requisite.

But the new measures being taken to control the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic is not only restricted to making face masks compulsory at all Berlin offices.

The current developments tread a little further and touch the aspect of private affairs and gatherings. Even as Germany had meticulously controlled the spread of the deadly Coronavirus thanks to a steady healthcare system that worked round the clock to help alleviate the cases (and strict adherence to the lockdown norms) before they could take a turn for the worse, one couldn’t deny a second wave that became clear in the last month or so.

As a matter of fact, countries like Germany, France, Belgium are all currently trying to offset the second coming of new COVID 19 cases having embraced tough times in the recent past.

But the brand new ruling in the city of Berlin was basically the Senate reacting to the rising number of cases in the famous German capital.

Why wait for long when you can take preventive measures this very point in time- seems to be the key buzzword in this development.

Also, it’s important to note why the wearing of face masks in the city of Berlin has now become compulsory and not in other diverse regions like Cologne, Baden Baden, Munich, Hamburg or Frankfurt, for that matter?

The challenge in front of the Angela Merkel-led country is that its capital happens to be the current COVID 19 hotspot.

Berlin | Face Mask Made Mandatory In Berlin
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The incidence number in Berlin, last Tuesday, stood at 28.9. But the alarming situation strikes when that number reaches 35.

An excerpt of latest news from Berlin published on the Berlin Spectator happened to report the following in connection to the latest development from the home of the Brandenburg gate:

On Tuesday, Berlin registered 173 new Corona infections. Eighty Corona patients are being treated at the city’s hospitals, 24 of them in intensive care units. The total number of Corona cases in Berlin, since the Corona pandemic started in January, stands at 14,499. As many as 228 persons have died of COVID-19.

Some German leaders, of late, have been interacting regularly with media on the situation down at Berlin and whether or not one may see a fresh lockdown, among them Berlin’s Commerce Senator Ramona pop.

She was quoted saying, ‘Berlin was in a special situation because it was a major city. The same applies to Munich, where the Incidence Number was higher than in Berlin. Berlin needed to make sure there would not be a new lockdown. That was why restrictions had to be implemented ahead of time. The increase of Corona numbers in fall had been expected.’

The aforementioned quote was sourced from Berlin Spectator.

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One certainly hopes that there’s no new lockdown imposed anywhere in Germany or for that matter, in Europe and that all flows smoothly in the times to come.

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