Perhaps it suffices to say that we are living in a rather perverse society. We are in times where rape and molestation are common problems and concerns everywhere one goes and sees.

There may actually be a very justified reason as to why all of a sudden the concept and philosophy of “Feminism” has sprung back into attention in both developing and developed parts of the world

Every day one comes across news items that speak of the cold-blooded brutality that women, whether adults or young girls are subjected to in different corners of the world.

The respect and integrity of women if often at stake. And that’s not only the case in the developing part of the world such as an India, Brazil and Thailand.

But rather, shockingly, even in Western Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia.

And truth be told, a rather shocking incident has emerged from the Putin-Land in Russia where apparently a cold-blooded murder has occurred under broad daylight. It’s believed that on account of executing a shocking murder of an adult male, the police in Russia’s capital Moscow have arrested 3 girls who are believed to have been directly linked to the man’s murder.

Incidentally, that is not the only surprising fact about the matter. What will give you the shock of your life is when you will get to read who is actually behind the murder? It’s said that the 3 girls that have been taken into police custody happen to be the daughters of the deceased man.

The accused who are currently being interrogated for their direct involvement in Moscow, Russia’s shocking incident is said to be 3 siblings, belonging to a Khachaturyan family. And that is not all. One wonders about the mental state of the agony of the 3 girls who were compelled to such an extreme situation that they committed the murder of their own father.

The three girls are said to be aged 17, 18 and, 19 respectively.

The sisters are quoted as saying he stopped them studying, threatened them with weapons and kept them like slaves.

The above statement was reported by the revered news platform BBC. The incident has rightly created a furore in the Russian community at this point in time. It’s believed that at a time where the father and daughter bond was to have been an amicable one, defined by love and gratitude, it was actually anything but that.

What’s most upsetting is that the murdered man, i.e., the father never even treated his daughter trio with any care or respect that they deserved. Imagine, in this part of the 21st century, being made to live like a slave? Who wishes to be treated like a slave, at the end of the day?

The father who was murdered is said to have been approximately 57 years in age and the rather shocking incident actually included the man being stabbed as many as 40 times. That alone explains the plight of the girls who are said to have been subjected to such a vile and inhuman scenario.

The 57-year-old had about 40 knife wounds, Russia’s Vesti news website reports. His body was lying in the hallway of an apartment block.

Investigators believe the 17-year-old, Maria, stabbed him about 35 times while her sisters – Angelina (18) and Kristina (19) – struck his head repeatedly with a hammer and squirted pepper spray in his face. Can you dig that?

Can you just imagine the real horror encompassing these tortured lives and the hell hole of a system that they were subjected to? What must have gone through the minds of these girls whose lives are now completely displaced and shattered, it remains to be seen?

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