Donald Trump Is Reviewing The Middle East On TripAdvisor, And We Don’t Have Any Words Now

US President Donald Trump has finally decided to move over States and White House and Trump Tower and his weekend Home, for some real work outside his country and that includes visiting various summits and nations.

He has recently been to many places and met with many people, and while not every one of his work was commendable, he sure did try his best to leave the original Donald Trump at home. He himself admitted his first trip abroad is a ‘home run’ and we would not like to make any more assumptions on that, however, there’s one thing missing. Donald Trump is a man who loves words and often use them to express himself, so when nothing detailed came out, people started speculating how truthfully would Donald Trump had reviewed the places that he visited as the President of the US.

One person, we don’t know if real or fake, is reviewing all the places that Donald Trump visited on TripAdvisor. And, once you see them you just can’t go back to the true blue reality. These have been exactly written in the way, you expect Donald Trump to write and that’s what makes them all the more funny and interesting.

Be it The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, Israel or Taormina in Sicily, Italy, these reviews are spot on the whole Donald Trump impression. Check them out here:

#1 The Vatican (Vatican City)

Donald Trump Tripadvisor 7

#2 Yad Vashem, Israel’s Official Memorial To Victims Of Holocaust (Jerusalem, Israel)

Donald Trump Tripadvisor 1

#3 The Wailing Wall (Jerusalem, Israel)

Donald Trump Tripadvisor 5

#4 Murabba Palace (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Donald Trump Tripadvisor 8

#5 Global Centre For Combating Extremism (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Donald Trump Tripadvisor 3

#6 Taormina (Sicily, Italy)

Donald Trump Tripadvisor 2

#7 NATO Headquarters (Brussels, Belgium)

Donald Trump Tripadvisor 6

#8 Masada (Israel)

Donald Trump Tripadvisor 4

30th May 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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