The craziest coronavirus conspiracy theories are floating over the internet, like lab break-in, bill gates, and cell phone radiation. The number of people suffering from coronavirus is increasing rapidly. Not much is known about SARS-CoV-2 or coronavirus yet, which further spurs crazy conspiracy theories related to Coronavirus.

The first cases of the coronavirus became known about three months ago. However, not much is known about the virus. Researchers claim to have tracked ‘Patient Zero’ as a 57-year-old female shrimp seller in Wuhan, China.

More crazy conspiracy theories are emerging, and according to one of the most absurd theories, Bill Gates is blamed for everything.

The year 2020 has brought many negative headlines so far, and the pattern does not seem to end soon. While the USA held the world in suspense in the conflict with Iran, bushfires in Australia burned most areas of the country. Then, the coronavirus joined the race and has been unbeaten since.

Some scientists are already worried about the Yellowstone Supervolcano eruption due to a recent earthquake. Others are worried that the 4 KM meteor that is about to pass the earth on 29th April might change its course and come crashing into earth, ending life as we know it. It is like mother nature chose the year to take a deep breath and teach us a lesson or, worse, end mankind.

Corona Outbreak in China – More Than 80,000 InfectedConspiracy Theories Related to Coronavirus

The coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2 broke out in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan on 20th January. An infected bat is to be blamed for the catastrophe. The virus can lead to severe lung diseases in humans. About 80,000 cases there are said to have been reported in China. The World Health Organization has already declared a global emergency.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government closed off more and more cities, and the other countries tried to get their citizens out of China. Exactly how many people fell ill or even died can only be guessed because the Chinese government is not exactly transparent about this information.

This, of course, leaves room for speculation and wild conspiracy theories like 21 million people died in China due to coronavirus as the USA claims because the data by cell phone service providers in China depicted that they lost 21 million subscribers in the past two months.

This, of course, leaves room for speculation and wild conspiracy theories like as the USA claims because the data by cell phone service providers in China depicted that they lost 21 million subscribers in the past two months.

Corona Has Been Patented For The Outbreak to Make Money

coronavirus conspiracy theory

Some resourceful people have discovered patents on coronaviruses on the Internet. The rumour quickly spread that the coronavirus was developed in a laboratory and was deliberately spread in China, to sell the vaccine at a high price. 

There are patents on coronaviruses, but not on the type of virus that broke out in China. The patents were ultimately claimed to be a gene sequence from the virus discovered in the 2003 SARS outbreak. Another patent found is said to be a mutated version of the coronavirus, that affects only poultry.

Corona Was Stolen Out of The Lab in Wuhan

Corona is said to have been developed in and stolen from the laboratory in Wuhan. At least that’s what a former Israeli intelligence official claimed. In fact, China’s national biosafety laboratory does exist in Wuhan.

The laboratory in Wuhan is allowed to work with biological substances that can cause serious illnesses in humans, which theoretically include Ebola, SARS, and also Corona. However, it is believed that the source of the dangerous virus is in the animal market in Wuhan though there is no reliable proof.

Bill Gates is Responsible For The Outbreak of The Coronavirus

There is a curious conspiracy theory that also puts billionaire Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, at the fore. The Pirbright Institute in England is said to hold patents on the coronavirus. This institute is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Now internet claims say that Gates should benefit from the outbreak of the coronavirus.

However, investigations have found that a connection between Bill Gates as a person and the institute’s patents cannot be established. If anything, they showed that the foundation supports institutions that work to prevent epidemics.

Cell Phone Radiation Triggered The Coronavirus

Coronavirus and 5G

This is a particularly crazy conspiracy theory. Ali Erhan, who is a spiritual healer, is pretty sure that Cell phone radiation is where the coronavirus really comes from and why it broke out in Wuhan. Wuhan has been one of the first cities in the world to enjoy ultra-fast 5G Internet.

According to Erhan, highly frequented microwaves have an influence on the organs and control mechanisms in the human body. Some supporters of the theory even call 5G a military weapon. They quote an example that the birds fell out of the sky when the 5G technology was first tested in Wuhan. Erhan claims that the virus that was not really harmful to humans, mutated when it came in contact with 5G radiation. 

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Not only fatal conspiracy theories related to Coronavirus around the world are currently spreading, fake news and dangerous advice on dealing with the coronavirus like drinking bleach and antiseptic are also being spread. The coronavirus has not been thoroughly researched so far, and the vaccine is expected to take a few more months.

As long as there is still no precise information about the virus mutation, there is enough scope for conspiracy theorists to come up with the wildest theories. Do not believe anything and everything that floats around on the Internet.

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