The worst pieces of news that tell us about the Coronavirus outbreak, obviously deal with the fake pieces of information that god only knows are being distributed in the name to feed some covert interests.

Imagine then what this means or implies. Amid a big tragedy, whose ramifications aren’t just national in reach but international in consequence there are people who are willfully engaging in the dissemination of fake news.

Just what purpose does it serve and to anyone by misrepresenting facts whether pertaining to a false number of casualties (or deaths) or writing misleading information about whether the virus has pushed the world into an even bigger mess than one thought (one had been in) is not known?

It may never be known.

But what one does know is that there are, after all, tiny positive sparks that have emerged ever since the unneeded and terrible COVID-19 outbreak fractured our worlds and suspended all progressive activity.

Just what are these?

Well, take simple instances as “inactive” parts of public infrastructure- currently lying in an unused state- being put to effective use.

Take for example the case of India where trains are Coronavirus isolation wards have risen a kind of relief that all were looking for when hospitals and other facilities weren’t really available everywhere for the treatment of those battling this deadly infection (or virus).

And yes, this is right. In India, what’s serving an infected country are trains as Coronavirus isolation wards.

How novel an idea that is, right?

What do you think?

Al Jazeera reported on several current instances where unused public infrastructure such as trains or simply put, those locomotives that are currently not in any state of use thanks to the nation-wide lockdown are being used differently.

How superb an idea is that, in the end.

India is a week into a national lockdown, with 1.3 billion people told to stay at home as the country attempts to check the spread of the virus. But there has been a spike in COVID-19 cases this week, with authorities confirming 1,637 infections and 38 deaths.

Now it may not have occurred to us how fascinating an idea this is, at the end of the day. At present, no fewer than 3,20,000 patients are currently being “quarantined” in rail segments that are being popularly known as “Quarantine coaches!”

Magnificent, isn’t it?

Make use of anything that’s massive in size and currently lying empty or unused,” seems to be the order of the day and rightly so.

Furthermore, this is what the famous news platform carried in a detailed report from India:

There are worries that India’s beleaguered healthcare system may be overwhelmed with the surge in cases. The country lacks doctors and paramedics as well as critical medical equipment like ventilators to deal with the outbreak of COVID-19, the potentially fatal respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus.

Apart from converting railway coaches, Indian states have also begun converting sports stadiums into quarantine facilities and temporary hospitals, taking a cue from other countries which resorted to similar measures to cope with the huge number of cases

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