Celebrate International Day of Happiness With These Inspirational Quotes

20th March is observed as International Day of Happiness by the United Nations (UN). As Former UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon once said, the pursuit of happiness is a serious business. Happiness for the entire humankind is one of the main goals of United Nations.

No one can live without Happiness, however, in the race for money and power, we stopped thinking about happiness as something that we want and need. International Day of Happiness was first introduced in 2012, where the United Nations recognised happiness as universal goals for human beings in order to live a fulfilled and amazing life.

We all want to achieve happiness and at the same time, we should work towards making the world a happy place for everyone who lives here and would live, in the coming years. In order to mark this amazing day, we decided to gather quotes by some of the most prevalent figures in the history, who spoke their heart out for happiness and did their best to make our world a happy land.


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20th March 2017
Jyotsna Amla