US President Barack Obama hosted his last Presidential Awards of Freedom ceremony and honored 21 personalities who contributed in national interests of United States Of America.

The 21 men and women who stood on the state for receiving the nation’s highest civilian honor on Tuesday, varied from pioneering scientists, groundbreaking athletes, crusading activists to unconventional artists who wrote America’s destiny.

Throughout his tenure, Obama has used this honor to recognize pioneers in many fields, particularly those, who have broken racial or gender fencings made by traditionalists. This year’s honorees reflected many ideals that Obama has endorsed during his tenure.

Here is the list of people who were honoured by US President Barack Obama.

  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (NBA’s all time leading scorer)
  2. Elouise Cobell (Fighting for Native American)
  3. Ellen DeGeneres (comedian)
  4. Robert De Niro (actor)
  5. Richard Garwin (polymath physicist)
  6. Cicely Tyson (Actor)
  7. Frank Gehry (architect)
  8. Margaret H. Hamilton (Scientist)
  9. Tom Hanks (Actor and Filmmaker)
  10. Grace Hopper (Computer Science)
  11. Michael Jordan (NBA Athlete)
  12. Maya Lin (artists and designer)
  13. Lorne Michaels (TV Show Producer and Screenwriter)
  14. Newt Minow (Advocate)
  15. Eduardo Padrón (Education)
  16. Robert Redford (Entertainer and Environmentalist)
  17. Diana Ross (Actor)
  18. Vin Scully (Baseball Broadcaster)
  19. Bruce Springsteen (Music)
  20. Bill and Melinda Gates (Social Worker)

Here is the video of the ceremony:

Everybody was in a joyous mood and here are some tweets showing these greatest personalities enjoying to the fullest.

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23 November 2016
Rohan Jaitly

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