Akin to the commonly known 4Ps of Marketing- Price, Product, Promotion, and Packaging- could it be that the 3cs of China are Corporate, Corporatisation and Communism?

It may surely be among the most powerful economies of the world, but it doesn’t really hold a stellar reputation when it comes to sport. As a country, it may have long charted a solid path toward economic progress (actually, read success), now waging stiff wars with the likes of the United States and its Asian neighbor India but where does it stand where it comes to the sporting milieu?

Surely, you may be forgiven for saying that China’s got a long way to travel and many miles to go before people can join hands in admiration saluting China’s rise in the realm of sports.

But what you can’t deny or discount is the fact that a lot many resources are presently at work in order to grow Women’s soccer in China. But hey, wait a minute!

Women’s soccer in China? Is that really a thing? Well, you bet!

A nation where one commonly talks about technology and a vibrant sphere of entrepreneurship- sport is definitely on the rise. And guess what? There’s actually a Women’s soccer team in China, that’s colloquially referred as “Zhongguo Nuzu”, and it was founded way back in 1983.

But that said, at a time where several nations have risen by leaps and bounds in the 21st century in Women’s soccer, including France, South Africa, Italy, China’s yet to show substantial growth and perhaps occupy the attention of the world in a contest that’s about as thrilling as it is entertaining.

To a country no stranger to Communism, manufacturing, mighty trade figures, and a booming real estate specter, what’s Women’s soccer in China got to do with the Xi Jinping-land, one might wonder?

But now, one may not exactly worry about in bedazzlement anymore. For in a nation having no dearth of corporate power sizzling in a resource-pool of readily available funds, how can a sport lag behind when there’s a thrust of funds to funnel a rising story?

And that is exactly where Alipay steps in to help grow Women’s soccer in China!

Here’s what you need to know about a brand new development that has captured great many eyeballs.

The Alibaba-affiliated company is taking the lead on a 1 billion yuan ($145 million) commitment to support Chinese women’s soccer over the next decade. The foundations of Alibaba (BABA)co-founder Jack Ma and executive vice chairman Joe Tsai are also taking part in the pledge. It is the biggest investment in women’s soccer in China ever, according to Alipay. Alipay wants to bring “technology, funds, and resources to better support the development of women’s soccer in China,” a spokesman for the company said on Monday. He also noted that it is not a sponsorship, so it comes with “no commercial strings attached.”

Apparently, while the availability of versatile talent isn’t exactly a problem, an important step to promote Women’s soccer in China is the identification of the right talent and its performance improvement.

All the focus, hence, rests in the direction of promoting female talent especially because the male sport is dominant with corruption, mismanagement and pretty much everything one wouldn’t want in a professional sports set-up.

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